London Tree Sculptures

In London, Ontario, dead tree trunks got a second life, re-incarnated by skilled artists into wonderful sculptures of different themes, sizes, expressions, moods and hues. While other cities are abundant with public art that are made up of steel, granite, marble, glass, metal and plastic, London’s very unique public art pieces are carved out from dead tree trunks that we usually ignore in our backyards.

How long is the tour:
This is a tour you should do yourself. I don’t know anyone in London who does this as a tour business. I did it alone and it took me two hours and 15 minutes of walking, including a 5 minute bus ride.

How to get there / Where to start:
As soon as you exit from the train station, walk on your right along York Street. Turn right on Colborne, pass the railroad and make a left on Bathurst Street. A the corner of Bathurst and Hamilton Road, there stands the first of the dead tree trunks sculpture.

Say “Hello” to the Hog Eater. If you don’t, he’s gonna pinch you with his claws. As the gatekeeper of Hamilton Road, he’s got the power to do so.

London Tree Sculpture Ontario Hog Eater

Hog Eater London Tree Sculptures
1 Hamilton Road

Bald as he is—but you’ll be jealous when he soars high.

London Tree Sculptures Ontario

Bald Eagle
Aberdeen Public school – close to 76 Hamilton Road / London Tree Sculptures

“What’s something fishy, Mr. Fisherman?” 

London Tree Sculptures Ontario

Gone Fishing London Tree Sculptures
185 Hamilton Rd

 Lambs are meek and shepherds are cute.

London Tree Sculptures Ontario

Shepherd and Lambs / London Tree Sculptures
249 Hamilton Rd
Right outside the All Saints Anglican Church

Rodin (The Thinker) must be proud. This “Thinking Squirrel” plots his next trip—his next backyard to conquer.

London Tree Sculptures Ontario 5

Thinking Squirrel / London Tree Sculptures
349 Hamilton Rd

Here’s Bucky wagging his tongue!

London Tree Sculptures Ontario

Bucky the Beaver / London Tree Sculptures
465 Hamilton Road

Feed them and they’ll come live!

London Tree Sculptures Ontario

Pets / London Tree Sculptures
466 Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

Dare not to take her egg and you’ll be vanquished.

Tree Sculptures London Ontario

Simba the Lion / London Tree Sculptures
499 Hamilton road
Nucleo Sporting London

Animals do Learn, Imagine, Grow and Read. 

London Tree Sculpture Ontario

Blocks and Books
Crouch Library
550 Hamilton Road

Watch out for Grizzly Bear! He’s bigger than you think.

London Tree Sculpture Ontario

Titan the Grizzly
919 Trafalgar Street

Panther is real and he looks at you like you’re a delicious meal!

London Tree Sculpture Ontario

795 Trafalgar Street
In front of Pearson School for the Arts

Can’t you see how beautiful his wings are?

Tree Sculpture London Ontario

On Eagle’s Wings
477 Queens Avenue

This Crusader of his faith proclaims the mystery of the word.

Tree Sculpture London Ontario

450 Dundas Street

Happy together……

Tree Sculpture London Ontario

Figure Skaters
Tim Horton’s on Dundas and Wellington

….and here’s the mightiest of them all. It refuses to be uprooted from it’s place.

Tree Sculpture London Ontario

Donahue’s Canadiana
382 King street

P.S. This is is not a tree sculpture but I saw this right in front of a business establishment. Sure, London, Ontario has a sense of humor! 🙂

Tree Sculptures London

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  • I’m from London Ontario and didn’t know about this. LOL….
    I have something to check out this winter.
    Are they on the side street that I can just pass by car, instead of getting off?

    • Tom, they all are on the side of the street, so, no need to get out of your car—unless you want to scrutinized them detail by detail.

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