Today marks the end of the Spring Festival (a.k.a. Chinese New Year Celebration) in this freezing country. The last day is called Lantern Festival.

If you remember last year, the celebration of the Lantern Festival created chaos and unbelievable traffic around the East 3rd Ring Road in this city due to fire accident that caused the burning of the newly-built Mandarin Oriental Oriental Beijing which is on the north side of the CCTV Building, a modern architectural landmark designed by a Dutch architect, Rem Koolhaas.

It was said that fireworks caused the accident but…. mmmnnn… who knows?


Tonight, my dinner date and I walked around the Houhai bar district to listen and watch the fireworks display but it didn’t turned out as we expected since it was snowing and the fireworks were not as spectacular as that of the Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration.

There were actually a lot of people, photographers and camwhores walking around the area. Perhaps, like us, they, too, were waiting for something wonderful to happen. But, nada.

Amazingly, I didn’t complain about the freezing temperature outside—because someone put his arm around me while the immaculate snow gently fell as if it’s a sign that we were meant to be for tonight.

Just for tonight.


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