Lake Louise – Canada’s Most Famous Glacial Lake

Lake Louise is probably the most famous glacial lake in Canada. That’s because it’s just a bus ride away from Calgary. Thus, making it the most accessible turquoise-colored lake which graced the covers and pages of travel magazines worldwide. There’s no doubt that it’s also the most crowded place in the summer months.

Lake Louise Alberta Canada
Lake Louise – Canada’s Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)

Calgary to Lake Louise by Bus

Let it be known that buses that bring tourists to tourist attractions in Alberta aren’t cheap. Sometimes, taking a one-day tour (which I did) is so much better because it’s less hassle and more places to see.

Take the reliable Brewster Express that has been in the business for more than a century. From Calgary, they can connect you to Banff, and Jasper. One-way ticket costs $99 and a round trip tickets costs $169.

So, between paying for the RT bus tickets and taking a tour, be a savvy traveler.

Lake Louise - Canada's Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)
Lake Louise – Canada’s Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)

Remember that Banff in summer is really crowded and finding parking spaces is pain in as*. So, if you don’t want the hassle of circling around or finding parking spaces, buying the buy a Hop-On and Hop-Off Bus Day Pass ($63) is a great idea! The bus stops at Banff, Johnston Canyon, Lake Louise Gondola, Lake Louise, and Morraine Lake.

The Stunning Views

If Lake Louise is your first stop in Banff area, then I’m pretty sure you’ll be stunned by its beauty! Despite the crowd we were in, the sceneries never failed to amaze us. Its turquoise water with a hanging glacier and Mt. Victoria in the background, what could you ask for?

Lake Louise - Canada's Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)
Lake Louise – Canada’s Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)

While most of the visitors stay in front of the lake, walk around and find a place where you can be alone. You’ll be surprised at how the lake can be quiet far from the maddening crowd. And when that moment of silence sinks in, you’ll instantly realize you’re in one of the world’s awe-inspiring destinations.

Lake Louise - Canada's Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)
Lake Louise – Canada’s Most Instagrammable Lake (Alberta)

After taking all your photos, rent a kayak or a canoe and enjoy paddling all four corners of the lake. As usual, renting these equipment can break your bank. I think these pricey activities are intended to limit people. 😳

Hiking Trails in Banff Alberta
Banff, Alberta

Hiking Trails Around Lake Louise. If you have so much time to spare, choose a hiking trail nearby. There’s nothing better than being with nature for a couple of hours. It’s the cheapest therapy you could ever get! The hiking trails around the lake will lead you to Fairview Mountain, Lake Agnes, Little and Big Beehive, Mirror Lake, Mt. Niblock, Mt. Whyte, and Devil’s Thumb.

Banff, Alberta by Bus Public Transportation
Banff, Alberta

Park Space Problems. All trips to Banff leads to Lake Louise. So, expect a character-building search for a parking spot. Just keep your cool and pray hard that a car would exit sooner than you anticapated. 😂

Banff by bus public transportation parking
Banff, Alberta, Canada

Lunch at Fairmont Chateau. The hotel has a cafeteria open for tourists. We were so hungry when we arrived here at lunchtime so we didn’t really care much about the price. But I do remember that we just had a sandwich and bottled water. I guess that’s what we could only afford. 😂

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Picture with a Canadian Mountie. And oh! Remember to take a photo with a Canadian Mountie. You might spot two or three going around looking for tourists breaking rules. And since they’re Canadians, they’re friendly and willing to pose with you. Pose and say, “EH!” 😊

Banff Alberta Parking Bus Public Transportation
Banff, Alberta

Where to Stay at Lake Louise

Of course, if you have the moolah to burn, then stay at the 4-star resort Fairmont Chateau! It’s right across the lake, and if you’re lucky, you will have a room with gorgeous views of the lake! I’ll be forever jealous of you, I’m sure! LOL. On the other hand, if you can’t afford staying in a chateau, the nearby town of Banff has other accommodations for visitors who want to stay for a night or two. You can book accommodations from Expedia or If you don’t drive, you can book your one-day tour here.


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