View from Jingshan Park

Last weekend, I brought a dear friend to the hills of Jingshan Park. He asked me where to see sunset in Beijing and I couldn’t think of any but Jingshan Park, at the back of the Forbidden City or Gugong. And we were never disappointed.

It was a beautiful day. Beautiful, in the real sense of the word—which includes clear, blue sky in the entire city. One could gaze long and see the horizon visibly clear at the far distance.

Though we arrived around 6:00 pm, the sun was still on fire! We nestled ourselves in one of the open pavilions, sat and talked about his heartaches over his last boyfriend. You see, he came to Beijing to nurse a broken heart but I told him it’s not the place to mend a crushed heart! LOL…

Affordable, Stunning and Awesome Asia!

So, here are the photos from the sunset.

Jingshan Park Hill in Beijing, China

Jingshan Park Hill.

Photographers, tourists, and locals blend together for the spectacular sunset viewing at Jingshan Park Hill.

Jingshan Park Hill, Beijing Cina

Jingshan Hill.

 The Eastside where the CBD is. 

Jingshan Park Hill Beijing China

Park at the back of Forbidden City.

 The Forbidden City from Jingshan Hill

The west of the Forbidden City. Notice the UFO-like architecture that looks different from the rest in the area? That’s the National Center for Performing Arts.     

  The northern part of Beijing

 The sun’s rays slowly turned the Forbidden City roof into gold.

Looka, looka, looka!

Oh, dude, there was noise pollution (from camera shutters) when this one appeared.

The Beihai Park and Houhai Lake

Another day ends and another one begins ….. somewhere….

Affordable, Stunning and Awesome Asia!


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