India: Jaipur

From High School to University—and even up to now, there are three places that I would want to visit someday: India, Egypt and Italy. Yes, in that order. Unfortunately, I havent been to one of these countries. Well, I could have gone to India before but I reckoned 10 days werent enough, so I went to Thailand, instead.

India seems to hold powerful images in my mind. Looking at the photos of India in the pages of books and magazines, the streets seem to be full of vibrant colors and humanity. I bet everywhere is photogenic!

Guest photographer, Zane Yau, went to India ahead of me (it’s still in my bucket list) on October 2009 and he captured images of people as if they are directly talking to you. The photo below is an example of how agile he was clicking his shutter to capture one powerful image that happens once in a micro second. 

For more of Zane Yaus photos, visit his FLICKR account.

“I was enjoying the street shooting in one of the back alleys of Jaipur, India. India is a great place for street shooting as there are thousands of things happening at the same time on the street, people there are extremely friendly and it is one of the most colourful countries in the world!

This was a quick grab shot of this bloke who seems to be delivering the platter to his customer. I took a few shots of him while he was walking at his full speed towards me, I quickly stepped aside and he walked past me as if nothing had ever happened.”

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