10 Things to Do in Venice

Gondolas in Venice Italy Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Ride a Gondola – Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Lying on 117 small islands, Venice is an Italian haven for tourists, cradling 250,000 residents. I had the pleasure of visiting it last summer. Here’s my list.

10 Things to do in Venice

1. San Marco Cathedral and Square

San Marco Basilica Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

A perfect place to people-watch, San Marco square has three famous tourist sites, namely Doge’s Palace, San Marco Cathedral, and Torre dell’Orologio.

2. Doge Palace / Palazzo Ducale

Things to Do in Venice (Italy). Doge Palace
Doge’s Palace – Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Next to the San Marco Cathedral is a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the Doge Palace or the Palazzo Ducale has served as the seat of the Venetian government in the past. All the remains of that and the gothic past of the palace are all too mesmerizing.

3. The San Marco Campanile

View from San Marco Campanile - Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
View from San Marco Campanile – Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Originally used as a watchtower, the Sam Marco campanile towers at a 98.6 m height. From that height, you’d surely have a breathtaking 360-degree view of Venice.

4. The Bridge of Sighs

Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Bridge of Signs – Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Behind the Doge’s Palace is the tiny Bridge of Sighs that was once used as a means to transport criminals from the interrogation room to the prison. They did sigh while crossing it. However, the immaculate beauty and architecture of the bridge made me sigh.

5. Accademia Bridge and Rialto Bridges

Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
View from the Accademia Bridge – Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Located on the Grand Canal, the Ponte dell’Accademia (Accademia Bridge) and the Rialto Bridge both speak of the finesse of the romantic architecture of the city. The former bridge is where lovers attach padlocks to the rails while the latter one is famous for the jewelry shops and wares.

6. Walk Across Bridges and Through Narrow Alleys

Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Venice has architecturally exuberant snaking narrow alleys and bridges that should not be missed at all. Walking around Venice crossing bridges and through narrow alleys gave me a personal understanding on how the city works and how it survives. 

7. Discover Venice Through a Gondola

Gondola Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Ride a Gondola – Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

You can discover Venice by walking through the streets or catching a ferry, but the real discovery can only be made through a gondola – a flat-bottom romantic rowboat. But be warned: it is expensive.

8. Take a Ferry Along the Grand Canal

Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Things to Do in Venice (Italy).

Don’t even think about it – just do it. The best views of Venice can be found by taking this ferry – especially if you can’t afford the gondola. The Grand Canal is the city’s ‘Main Street.” 

9. Try their local Gelato at Boutique del Gelato

So you’re in Venice and haven’t tried Gelato? If no, it’s time you break into the local Gelato savory at the Boutique del Gelato.

10. Go Inside the Accademia Gallery

Gallerie dell’Accademia houses 19thcentury art all arranged chronologically with a thematic background. Go inside it to savor the Venetian art.

Things to Do in Venice (Italy).
Things to Do in Venice (Italy).


Venice is expensive. Like, really expensive. That’s why a lot of backpackers would go on a day trip from Milan or from Bologna. If you decide to stay for a night or two, try Venezia Naturalmente. It’s the cheapest I could find in the city. It’s walking distance to everything, including the water taxi, San Marco Square and two major bridges that connect to the other side of the Grand Canal. The staff are friendly and they’d help you navigate the city. It’s clean and it’s also in a quiet area.

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