Inside the Former House of Sigmund Freud – Now a Museum

When visiting Vienna, do not skip visiting the former house of Sigmund Freud, now a museum. He is known for his three divisions of the human psyche: the id, ego, and super ego. However, the word schadenfreude (finding pleasure at the misfortune of others) has nothing to do with him. 😉

House of Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna
Inside the house of Sigmund Freud (Museum) in Vienna.

Places dedicated to pioneers have their own charisma. The same is true for the House No.19 on Bergasse, Vienna, where the father of modern psychoanalysis worked and lived. I am talking about the former house of Sigmund Freud, which now turned into a museum. Let’s take a quick tour and see what you can expect/do inside.

Inside the house of Sigmund Freud (Museum) in Vienna.
Inside the house of Sigmund Freud (Museum) in Vienna.

1.  The “First” Couch

Sigmund Freud invented the phenomenon of treating patients by first interrogating them on a dedicated couch. That couch became the first one to be used for this practice. Unfortunately, you won’t see it in the present location because it was moved by him when he left for London from Vienna in self-imposed exile because of the Nazi. Nonetheless, you will still be able to see some pieces of furniture which Dr. Freud used in the early 20th century.

Inside the house of Sigmund Freud (Museum) in Vienna.
Inside the house of Sigmund Freud (Museum) in Vienna.

2.  You’ve got to ring the bell

The museum is run untraditionally as it is a normal Viennese house. You’ve got to ring the bell that says Prof. Dr. Freud to enter the first floor and that just gives you the vibes of meeting the doctor personally. Be aware that there is a construction going on now to serve future visitors better.

The Interpretations of Dreams by Sigmund Freud Vienna
Inside the Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna, Austria.

3.  Rent an audio guide

After buying the tickets, make sure to rent an audio guide that will help you through the house. There are a few languages you can choose from. Also, check out all the postcards, action figures, and other souvenirs on your way out.

Things to do in Vienna
Inside Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna.

4.  Freud’s Surgery Room

At Freud’s Surgery Room, you can watch different video documentaries based on the life of Freud and his work.

5.  The Hall

There is a hall in the museum where personal stuff of Freud is on the display. His very own Art Nouveau ashtray is one of them. It has been placed right by the entrance.

6.  Waiting Room and Consulting Rooms

Things to do in Vienna
Inside Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna.

These two rooms were used for their dedicated purposes. However, today, the difference between them is that the former has the original furniture intact, but the latter one is empty with walls speaking of its past.

7.  Photos and Paintings

Hostel Hotel in Vienna Austria
Inside Sigmund Freud Museum in Vienna.

The walls of the museums are lined with pictures and paintings of that era. Each one of them is given a specific number that corresponds to the number on your guidebook (you can buy it from the little anteroom). Following the number, you can read about it in details. The most important of them is photo 28 in which he’s standing right next to Einstein.

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