Inside Berlin Cathedral

The dome of the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) is a prominent symbol in the city’s skyline. Unknown to many, this wondrous piece of Neo-classical and Baroque architecture is a Protestant church. From the outside, the imposing dome is painted green, and its highly-decorated facade arouses curiosity. In fact, its dome reminds me of Florence Duomo painted in earth red. What lies inside the Berliner Dom? Follow me, and I’ll show you.

Inside Berlin Cathedral
Inside Berlin Cathedral in Germany

Though known as a Cathedral, it actually never reached such status. A bishop has never seated/resided here so it is still a church.

Berlin Cathedral Dom Travel
The interior is an amazing work of art.

As soon as you get into the main door, its humongous altar greets you in shiny gold patterns.

Inside Berlin Cathedral Germany Europe
Berliner Dom (Germany).

The church interior will never fail to impress you.

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From its marble floors to its impressive vaults and ceilings – everything is a feast to the naked eye.

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The dome’s interior never disappointed me, and I couldn’t get enough of its intricate designs.

Berliner Dom Germany Travel
Berliner Dom’s interior is fantastic!

Don’t forget to go to the second floor.

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The spiral wooden staircase is, in itself, an exciting experience.

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The higher floor offers a different view of the interior, and it feels closer to the massive dome.

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The exhibition room is worth a visit to see the minute replica of the cathedral.

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Berlin Cathedral was once a court church for the Prussian Monarchy in the 15th century.

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Seeing the interior of the cathedral is worth a visit.

That’s why, if you go down to its crypt, you will find the sarcophagi of Hohenzollern Dynasty rulers.

Inside Berlin Cathedral Dom Travel Hotel Hostel
The crypt inside Berlin Cathedral (Germany).

Visiting Berliner Dom

The best thing about visiting this cathedral is its tour schedule. There’s one every 20 minutes. And you don’t have to pay extra because it is already included in the entrance ticket.

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If going on a tour inside is not your thing, you are free to go on your own.

Berliner Dom Germany Travel

And if you have more time to spare, you can go to the top of the dome. Be aware, however, that there’s no elevator going up there!

Inside Berlin CathedralDom

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