Review – Hotel Azur Casablanca

Here’s my review of Hotel Azur Casablanca. I only stayed there for a night, my first stop on Morocco trip. When booking a room here, ask for an ocean view. I love the chilly sea breeze in the morning.

Hotel Azur Casablanca

Hotel Azur Casablanca

Hotel Azur Casablanca Location

If you take the train from the airport, get off at the last station , Garre de Portes. Then take a taxi to Hotel Azur. Every driver knows the place but they charge you MAD100. Insist on turning on the taxi meter. If not, negotiate it to MAD25-30.

The hotel is on the corniche, facing the Pacific Ocean. There’s McDonalds across the street and a Burger King few steps from the door. There are a lot of bars, cafes, and boutiques surrounding it. If you’re a party animal, this location is perfect for you.

At night, the hotel is a hub of loud music, local partygoers and tourists.

Hotel Azur Casablanca

Hotel Azur Casablanca


There’s a security guard on duty 24/7. There’s a human scanner that doesn’t work. Reception is also 24/7.

Value for Money

Considering the location and the room I was given, I’d say it’s ok. I got a good deal from It was less than $70.

Hotel Azur Casablanca

Hotel Azur Casablanca

Room / Aminities

I stayed only for a night so I didn’t really enjoy whatever amenities they offer. I didn’t even have breakfast. The wifi on the 6th floor was not that good. In my room, I had to stand near the door to get a connection. The bed was comfy but the pillows were a bit hard. The AC was working well. There’s a clean 4-piece bathroom with towels.

Hotel Azur Casablanca

Hotel Azur Casablanca


I didn’t interact with them much but they seem pretty nice. My check-in was quick and lasted for less than 5 minutes.


The four-piece bathroom was sparkling clean. The towels were also clean. The bed was comfy but the pillows were hard.


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