Homo Hill in Seoul

What a monicker for a gay district, isn’t it?

Before I came to Seoul, I already knew about this famous Homo Hill, the city’s gay district. The surrounding area is actually not exclusive to queer community. In fact, before reaching Homo Hill, everyone has to pass the long queue of bars, restaurants, clubs, hawkers and street food that lined up the streets, which are, of course, very heterosexual! Haha!

The street is called Itaewon, another major bar district where extreme hedonism happens every fuckin second in the night. Right at end of these hedonists’ paradise is Homo Hill, which is, of course, in the hill.

Homo Hill in Seoul, South Korea.

Homo Hill in Seoul, South Korea.

Sriram and I checked out a lot of bars and I don’t remember all of them. He introduced me to his lots of friends which made me think he’s a regular there. Ha! The area was packed when we arrived past 1 in the morning. There were soooooo many fabulous gays anywhere and dance floors are crotch to crotch distance and it was so much fun!

Around 4:00 a.m., I had a stomachache but it didn’t spoil the rest of our gay bar hopping.

Though, I was most of the time sitting outside, I did enjoy people watching. I had seen so many strangers “chatting” (aka hooking up) on the street and left together in a couple of minutes. Everytime the stomachache subsided a little, I’d get up and dance again.

Then stop. Dance. Stop. Dance. Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” seems to be the crowd favourite.

Homo Hill in Seoul, South Korea.

Homo Hill in Seoul, South Korea.

I was surprised how the young generation of gay Koreans are open–at least in Homo Hill. A lot of them wore skinny jeans and walked like a beauty queen — with matching purse or a handbag. According to a Korean guy I talked to, most of them are not out to their family. Korea’s National Security Act declared homosexuality as “dangerous to youth” in 2001. That sucks, right?

We went home at 7:00 in the morning. We literally saw the sunrise on our way back home.


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