Hipmunk Hotels: Unique Festivals in Galveston, Grand Prairie and More

Texas, the Lone State, is filled with known and unknown destinations. While most tourists visit popular destinations, you would be surprised to find all of the sights and adventure in store in the lesser-known spots. A friend once told me, In Texas, we’ve got our own way of doing and celebrating things.” Not only is Texas rich in culture, but also it’s full of festivals that are distinctly their own.


Photo by Alice Burghart from Trover.com
Photo by Alice Burghart from Trover.com

Tourists flock to Galveston Island for its sun, sand, sea, and history. But, who knew that this little paradise island celebrates “Chili Quest and Beer Fest.” Can you believe these two things have been combined? If you have some chili recipes you’re dying to share with the world, then this annual contest is for you. And, don’t forget about the over 100 beer choices. Stay at one of the best hotels in Galveston Island, like the elegant The Tremont House, within walking distance to The Grand 1894 Opera House, Pier 21, theaters, and restaurants.

Grand Prairie

Have you heard of the “Mountain Man Weekend Gathering?” In Grand Prairie, this annual gathering honors American history, complete with pre-1840s costumes that will be displayed at the venue. Expect some fun educational activities, like Native American roach making, tomahawk and knife throwing, soap making, beading, and blacksmithing. For affordable accommodations in this city, Hipmunk has plenty of options. The comfortable and clean Quality Inn and Suites are just less than 10 minutes away from Traders Village, where the festival is held.


This lovely, tiny city is named after the famed American writer, Washington Irving. Annually, locals and tourists alike attend “Canal Fest,” an outdoor festival that is held both inland and in water. The Mandalay Canal is alive with water activities, like pedal boats, gondolas, and stand-up paddles. This is a good festival for families and friends to forge a stronger bonds by spending time together. There are food stalls, live entertainment events, cultural exhibits, performances, and attractions. Experience some of the city’s best hospitality in one of its best Irving hotels: NYLO Irving/Las Colinas Hotel.

El Paso

Picture this: You’re walking giddily down the many vendor stalls with a glass of tequila and beer in your right hand and a taco in your left. And, of course, you’re wearing that big, Mexican sombrero, too! At El Paso, the “Tequila Taco Cerveza Festival” celebrates everything Mexican. Your ticket to the event includes an array of samples from taco food trucks and 10 (.25 oz) of tequila. And, what could be more fun than trying out the water pong, too? If you’re brave enough, you can participate in the Tequila Olympics. Live music and mariachis will be at the festival entertaining the drunk and sober alike. Your experience in the city is enhanced by using Hipmunk, as the site helps you find one of the city’s comfy hotels, like the chic DoubleTree by Hilton located downtown.

Corpus Christi

Situated on the Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi is known for surfing and rodeo. In April, hordes of rodeo fans worldwide come together for this exciting, two-hour sports event that brings out the best of Texas. This competition is open for all cowboys and cowgirls from around the world. And, don’t miss the two other unique tournaments you can only see in this coastal city: barrel racing and bull riding. Top contenders for these sports will delight you like no other. If you want to stay within a mile distance to the beach, there are a few hotels to choose from; however, the comfort of Best Western Corpus Christi is your best choice.

The next time you travel to Texas for leisure or adventure, check out these cities and you might be lucky to attend one of these festivals.


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