Hanoi Train Street is Open for Business – and the Tourists are Back!

Hanoi Train Street is back on business – after it was shut down in October 2019. Police authorities said it was dangerous so they decided to close the cafes along the rail tracks. Why such a decision? Because a bad tourist nearly died that the train captain had to push for its emergency brake. Don’t be that kind of a tourist, please!

Train Street in Hanoi is Back on Business
Train Street in Hanoi is Back on Business (Vietnam).

And now, for whatever reasons, the cafes are back and it’s business as usual. And perhaps, the big change is that there are policemen at the gate. They will prevent you from going in unless you are escorted by a cafe owner. Yep, that’s how they do it here now. You just can’t get in the rail tracks for free because you have to sit in a cafe and drink.

Hanoi Train Street Vietnam
Hanoi Train Street is Open for Business

It’s just a rail track! Why it’s famous?

I screamed that question – why??? Well, in this age of social media, nothing escapes. Instagrammers, in particular, are the ones that made it like it’s a tourist attraction in Vietnam. And why famous? Perhaps, it’s the thrill and the experience to be too close to death when the train passes by? One false move and you’re dead! Like, flat dead.

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Train in Vietnam

Go beyond just taking photos. Observe the neighborhood and you might be able to find beauty in how the locals live.

cafe on train street
One of the cafes on train street in Hanoi.

Here’s the trick if you don’t want to spend

At the gate, a cafe owner would tell you that if you will drink/stay in her cafe, she will ask the police officer to allow you to enter. Say yes, and follow her. When you reach her cafe, pretend that you don’t like the ambiance, so you want to go to another cafe. Walk a bit further while still pretending you are looking for a perfect spot. But, of course, you can take photos along the way, and exit on the other side/block.

No, this is not what I did because no one told me about this trick. I only learned about this when I talked to fellow backpackers in my hostel two days after I visited.

Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).
Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).

Train schedule

The first question you have in mind is: When exactly the train passes by these cafes? You will thank me for this – see the timetable below.

Hanoi Train Street Schedule
Hanoi Train Street Train Schedule

Waiting for the train

I’d recommend that you sit and stay at one of the cafes you like. When I arrived, the waitress told me that the next train was arriving in 45 minutes.

Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).
Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).

I chose a table and she handed me a menu. I had an avocado smoothie for CAN$2. She gave me the cafe’s wifi password and did a bit of remote work.

Hanoi Train Street Train Schedule (Vietnam).
Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).

Ten minutes before the train arrived, cafe owners were announcing and telling everyone to get off the track.

Waiting for the train things to do in Hanoi
Waiting for the train.

We moved our chairs and tables closer to the wall. They even moved potted plants and flowers.

Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).
If you can’t take the sharp noise coming from the grain, go inside the cafe/house.

Remember that the rail track is in a narrow street between rows of connected houses.

Railway station Hanoi cafe
It’s a narrow street so better be careful!

And here comes the train. All cameras are set and everyone was waiting with the much-bated breath.

Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).
Hanoi Train Street (Vietnam).

So you really have to lean on the wall if you need to because you might easily be swayed in towards the train.

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Enjoy the thrill, but be really careful.

The noise can be really deafening so you might have to bring your headphones or earphones.

Hostel Hanoi Hotel Vietnam Tourist attraction
It’s one of the tourist attractions in Hanoi.

And when the train is gone, it’s business as usual. Chairs and tables are back in their original places.

Tourist Attractions in Hanoi
Bye, bye train!

But for most tourists, it’s time to pay the bill. The experience they’ve been wanting to do has just been fulfilled.

Hostel Hanoi Hotel Things to do

And this dog is sad when the tourists go. 🙂

dog on the rail track
Aw, so cute!

Life along the railway resumes – like this father who plays with his son.

father and son on the railway Vietnam
I love how I captured this photograph!

When a crowd leaves, another crowd arrives.

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Hostel in Hanoi

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