Galapagos Travel Tips

For many people, Galapagos is a dream destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. In our dreams everything is perfect, the trip runs smoothly, we get the best of the vacation and come home filled with amazing memories. In reality, things are a bit different. Mostly due to the trivial things we are not aware of. Visiting Galapagos can often leave us unprepared for some aspects of island life. And the most important thing is to not be scared. Not be scared to try new things and get on a flight to distant destinations.

Plan Your Itineraries

We know unplanned things are the best. And sometimes months and months of planning can all fall for nothing if something emergent comes up, or the situation has changed. However, you always need to plan your trip. Or at least the major points. For example, you need to choose the season you’ll be traveling in, the date, the type of flight, packing, and the budget. The rest is just planning on the go. If you want a bit of an island scent and experience, you can book a Galapagos cruise and enjoy the trip.

Use Sun Protection – Always!

With the plenty of time spent in the water and the fresh sea breezes, you might forget about the sun. And this sun can be quite strong in the Galapagos Islands. Even on milder days, there is a chance you’ll get burnt if you don’t wear proper protection. You can have a pair of polaroid sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat as your sun protection weapons. And add a sunscreen with high SPF on top of that – you are ready to go! There’s nothing worse than being the “burnt” person on the trip who looks like a red lobster, so make sure you are smart enough to bring your sunscreen.

Galapagos Travel Tips
Galapagos Travel Tips / Photo by: Amy Perez / Copyright: Unsplash I License: CC0 Public  Domain

Drink a Lot of Water

It’s crucial to regulate your hydration levels and drink a lot of water on your Galapagos trip. With the strong sun, dry winds, and long days, it’s a bit overwhelming staying hydrated all the time. And since there’s always some kind of activity on the island, like snorkeling, swimming, hiking, or biking, you should always have a bottle of water by your side. And we highly recommend that you bring a reusable bottle so you can fill it with water anytime. And with that help reduce the plastic accumulation on the archipelago.

Pack First-Aid Kit

There’s limited access to medical care in the Galapagos islands since it’s a remote location. It’s always a good idea to have a first-aid kit at your disposal even when you are visiting as part of an organized tour. Moreover, if you take your prescription medications, make sure you get the needed amount with you to last you for the entire trip.

Pack Light

Packing light is important on such a trip to Galapagos. Make sure you bring all of your essentials and avoid packing duplicate items. This will help you in the long run where you’ll realize all of those fancy dresses and pants are of no use on this island. Choose functionality instead of fashion.

Galapagos Travel Tips
Galapagos Travel Tips / Photo by: Caroline Ebinger / Copyright: Unsplash I License: CC0 Public  Domain

Do Not Feed The Wildlife

Sometimes it can be tempting to get closer to the wildlife and be in touch with some of the animals. Do not feed them at any cost. Feeding wildlife can be tempting, and can cause serious health issues for these animals. These animals have thrived for thousands of years in such difficult conditions and they are capable enough to find their food. The wildlife does not need the help of humans! Remember that.

Obey National Park Rules

Another tip for you to follow when preparing to visit Galapagos is to obey all of the National Parks rules. These rules are enforced by the Galapagos Islands National Park Service to obtain the visitors’ safety and protection. You need to cooperate with all quarantine officials and environmental inspectors during your visit. And do not bring plant or animal products that are prohibited on the island. 

Thinking that “just this time” won’t hurt anybody, will hurt. And mostly the wildlife is hurt in this case. If all of the visitors were about to do such actions like you that won’t hurt anybody, this would lead to a severe impact on nature and wildlife.

Choose Your Type of Trip

You can choose land-based excursions or cruises. On land-based Galapagos tours, you can stay overnight in a hotel on one of the islands. And each day you will have a guide who will take you on an organized trip. 

On cruise ships, the passengers will travel to a different island each night. The cruise organizes trips in small groups to visit the main attractions. Make sure to choose the trip that suits your needs.


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