4 Frozen Waterfalls in Hamilton That You Have to Visit

These 4 frozen waterfalls in Hamilton should be on your list to visit to enjoy or embrace winter in Canada. Hamilton is just less than an hour away from Toronto and it’s pretty accessible via Go Bus. However, from Hamilton to these frozen waterfalls you’ve got to hire a taxi or Uber and tell them to wait for you. So, your best bet is to find or constantly prod a friend with a car to go with you.

Also, these frozen waterfalls aren’t as majestic as Niagara Falls.

Tiffany Falls

Tiffany Frozen Waterfalls in Hamilton Toronto Canada
Tiffany Waterfall is totally frozen in winter.

We arrived just after lunch and we had to wait a bit on the roadside for a parking space that can’t accommodate more than 10 cars, at least. From the parking lot, it was an easy 8-10 minutes walk to the waterfall. Though we brought ice cleats, we didn’t see a need to use them since the snow was still fresh from a blizzard that engulfed Ontario. Yep, it’s okay to bring your kids here, but not sure about the infants. 😉

Tifanny Falls was entirely frozen when we visited it on February 5.

Devil’s Punch Bowl Falls

Devil Punch Bowl Frozen Waterfalls in Hamilton Toronto Canada
The frozen ice forms like a hill!

One thing you need to remember when you decide to go and see this waterfall – the main parking lot on the top is closed during winter. And don’t force yourself to go down from the top because it could be dangerous. So, all you have to do is park on the street level below, right next to the railroad. It would take 10 minutes hike from the parking lot to the Devil’s Punch Bowl. There’s a part of the trail where it’s right on the edge of the cliff, so you’ve got to watch out for that.

Sydenham Falls

Small waterfall but very photogenic!
Small waterfall but very photogenic!

This is a small waterfall that would take 5 minutes hike from where we parked. There was really no designated parking area, but we were allowed to park on the roadside across the residential houses. Because of its size, Sydenham Falls was totally frozen. The best thing here is that the frozen waterfall created a cave behind it. If you are facing the falls, walk up to its left and you will find a tiny entrance to a cave-like space.

Webster’s Falls

Webster Frozen WaterFalls in Hamilton Toronto Canada
There’s no reason why you won’t love Webster’s Falls in Hamilton.

From Sydenham Falls, we walked a bit back on our trail and went on to Webster’s Falls. Though the hike was around 30-40 minutes, it was worth the trouble. It is advisable that you use cleats here because the trails can be slippery and tricky, especially the ones near the ravine. Without cleats, the hike would be longer than expected. The views along the trail are Instagram-worthy!

Webster’s Falls was not totally frozen due to its size – and that’s a good thing. actually. I think this is the most beautiful of all the waterfalls in Hamilton. Make sure to wear appropriate winter clothes for hiking. You just can’t turn back to your car quickly because it’s a long hike to take.

Enjoy your winter. Remember, this season won’t last long. There’s always spring, and then, summer.


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