Frozen Toronto Looks Like the Arctic

Yes, you’re right.

I woke up super early this morning hoping I’d be able to witness the ferry breaking the ice on its first trip of the day to the island at 6:35. But, unfortunately, the odds were not in my favor; I almost made it. I was late for 6 minutes. Don’t blame me. It’s the unreliable TTC, as usual. I waited for 15 minutes at the Dufferin Subway Station for the train. Argh!

But, anyway, going to Toronto Island is like going to the arctic nowadays. There are no seals, or bears but there are ducks and birds though. :))

Lake Ontario is frozen and I felt like I was on an expedition tasked to do further research on global warming—with only one tool: a camera. Ok, I brought my best friend, too. My very reliable tripod. :))

I planned to stay longer at the island but it was freezing (-15C). I was dressed for the freezing temperature but my cheap snow boots was, like the TTC, unreliable.

Enjoy these morning views of my beloved Toronto from Ward Pier.


Frozen Toronto in Snow
Frozen Toronto: Toronto’s Harbourfront Lake Ontario is frozen.
Frozen Toronto in Snow
Frozen Toronto – The ferry crushes the ice sheets for passage.
Frozen Toronto in Snow
Frozen Toronto – On Saturdays and Sundays, the ferry only goes to Ward Pier.
going to Toronto Island is like going to the arctic
Sunrise is slowly peeking through the morning sky.
Toronto in Snow
Frozen Toronto – I stepped on the lake but I was overwhelmed with fear to walk / move further. I was alone. I don’t wanna be declared missing. LOL…
Toronto in Snow
For ferry schedule, click THIS.

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