Flo Rida at MMVA 2012

Flo Rida at MMVA 2012
Toronto, Canada

After Katy Perrys appearance at 2012 MMVAs red carpet, we all decided to leave. Afterall, shes the biggest star weve been waiting for, so, whats the point of craning our necks at the back of shrieking teenagers who worship their Boyfriend, Justin Beiber.

Walking along Richmond Hill, we saw this smooth, white lamborghini waiting for its turn to be called to the red carpet. Then we heard someone saying that the passenger in that freaking expensive car is Flo Rida. I hastily got my camera and took unobstructed photos of him in different angles. Of course, I know him but I dont really get his music. Ok, I danced nasty with his “LOW” song, featuring T-Pain.

Hes a snob. He ignored Us. He didnt even bother to show a wee smile nor waved his hand nor looked at the few fans who were there. He was uninterested. Emotionless gangsta.


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