Five Reasons to Use a Digital Camera Instead of a Smartphone on Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation

There’s no denying that smartphone technology has made life easier and more convenient than ever before. You no longer need a phone that’s separate from your planner that’s separate from your MP3 player. It’s all in one device!

Having a camera with recording capabilities has made snapping pictures and documenting memories a lot easier too. You no longer need a separate camera or video camera to capture each moment.

However, that doesn’t mean your cell phone camera is a good choice in every situation.

For example, if you book a vacation package in Myrtle Beach for the family, you don’t want to miss a moment! If you’re taking pictures with your camera, you’re likely to miss plenty.

Here are five reasons why you should leave your phone in your pocket and bring your digital camera with you on vacation.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Florida
Five Reasons to Use a Digital Camera Instead of a Smartphone on Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation

They’re Better in Low Light Conditions

If you’re spending a day on the beach, lighting isn’t likely to be a problem, but what about taking pictures in the evening or indoors, like inside Ripley’s Aquarium? Your phone camera isn’t going to cut it.

The tips for taking pictures in low-light conditions include using a digital camera. Dedicated cameras have more powerful flashes and more advanced sensors, ensuring you get that shot, even in near-dark.

More tips for using your camera in low-light conditions include:

  • Slow your shutter speed and ask the subject to stand as still as possible.
  • Shine a light on your subject, then remove it after your camera is able to focus.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back in and edit low-light photos after you get home.
Myrtle Beach Vacation Florida
Myrtle Beach / Photo credit: Clint

You’ll Actually Get Those Action Shots

Some of the best vacation pictures are ones that are taken in the thick of the action. Think children riding on jet skis, running on the beach, and swinging on a swing set. Unfortunately, phone cameras are not well-equipped for these kinds of shots.

If you try to take pictures of moving subjects with a phone camera, they will almost always turn out blurry. In other cases, the subject may move out of the frame and you’ll miss the shot completely!

There are many tips for getting good action shots, but none of them are effective unless you’re using a digital camera. With a fast lens and shutter speed, you can get shots that your phone’s camera just can’t muster.

You Can Store Longer Videos

Gone are the days of having to carry a separate camera and video camera. Most devices can do both! However, once again, it’s better to use a digital camera for this purpose instead of your phone.

Cell phones have limited memory. The kinds of videos you’ll want to take on vacation will be a lot longer than the quick videos you’re used to taking at home, which means you may run out of room on your phone when you can store plenty of videos on a dedicated camera. Not to mention, their quality will be better.

Myrtle Beach Vacation Florida
Myrtle Beach / Photo credit

Zoom in Without Compromising Quality

Subjects don’t appear quite as close through your lens as they do in real life. That means you’ll spend a lot of time zooming in, which can completely ruin your images if you’re using a cell phone camera.

Even phones with high-quality megapixels don’t take the best pictures when you have to zoom in. Most smartphone cameras sport fixed focal length lenses, so they can’t be zoomed in or out without sacrificing image quality. Digital cameras are built for zooming, and you can purchase additional lenses to get even closer.

You Can Take Pictures Underwater with the Right Camera

Myrtle Beach Vacation Florida
Myrtle Beach / Photo credit

If you’re vacationing in Myrtle Beach, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in and around the water. Although some phones are waterproof and waterresistant, you can bet they don’t have lenses that are equipped for underwater photography. In addition, you definitely can’t take pictures underwater if you don’t have a waterproof camera!

Every wet vacation should have a waterproof camera! The best thing about these cameras is that most of them take great pictures out of the water too, so you’ll still just have one camera to carry.

Some of the best waterproof cameras have features that include freezeproof and shockproof features. There are even disposable options!

Using a cell phone camera is better than not taking any pictures at all, but you deserve better when you’re on vacation. Make sure you document your family’s Myrtle Beach memories clearly by packing your digital camera!

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