Five Great Reasons to Live in New York City

(An acquaintance I met before came up with 5 reasons why living in New York is great! She has lived in 4 other countries—but decided to settle in New York City as her permanent address, most of the time. When there’s typhoon or hurricane coming up in the great city, she’s cavorting with the angels in LA. LOL… ) 

While there are an endless amount of reasons to live in the Big Apple, five great ones come to mind. From celebrity everything to cultural exchange, New York City always has something to offer.

Celebrity Haven

Even if you’re not into getting autographs from the likes of Robert De Niro or Halle Berry at least venture out into one of the many celebrity restaurants, shops or hangouts. What sets NYC apart from cities like Los Angeles is the attitude. New Yorkers are sometimes known as being rude or even crazy but the strong and varying attitudes make it easy for celebs to feel more at home here and not have to worry about constant red carpet walks and camera snapping stalkers.

I saw Anderson Cooper in Warner Brothers building across Central Park. I was starstruck.

Fashion Night Out is a night of great showcases where you may end up meeting designers such as Diane von Furstenberg or shopping to the beat of celebrity guest DJ’s like Solange Knowles. Even when walking down the sidewalks of most city streets you have a chance of a celebrity sighting. Helen Mirren stays at the Mandarin Oriental on a regular basis while Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler can be seen partying at Socialista in the Bowery section.

Culture Galore

If you’re a culture vulture then die and come to New York heaven. New York City is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. With more than 800 languages spoken here, you can explore a different culture everyday of the week. Brooklyn is home to a large West Indian population of Jamaicans, Haitians, and Trinidadians while also having historic Italian roots. Manhattan has notable enclaves including Koreatown, Little Brazil and Harlem’s Le Petit Senegal, home of francophone West Africans. While the Bronx has a large Puerto Rican population, its Arthur Avenue is a great retreat for more authentic Italian fare sans the tourist of Little Italy.

The City that Never Sleeps NYC
The best thing about the City that Never Sleeps is that people can express who they are. This man in 5th Avenue is a living proof.

The borough of Queens is actually the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world with representatives from over 100 nations.  A small sampling includes Astoria’s Greek population, the Irish of Rockaway Beach, the Hasidic Jews of Fresh Meadow and Ridgewood’s Romanian and Polish populations. Each and every culture you find here will have a unique language, a unique cuisine, different customs and great wares from their home country.

Lifestyles for all!

Piggybacking off of the many cultures of NYC, a variety of different lifestyles make this one of the greatest cities. There is something for everyone here even if there is only one other person who shares your view.

Romance in NYC
Yes, there is such a thing as romance in Nueva York.

Do you want to discuss politics with your republican buddies? There’s a club for that! Do you appreciate modern dance and Shakespeare in the park? They’re classes and shows catered just for you. Do you like subway surfing and body modification exhibitions? Oddly enough, New York City has something right up your alley. What makes it so great about the thousands of lifestyles here is that there are many people who differ as well. This allows a great discourse and learning opportunity if you go looking for it.

City of Dreams

There are plenty of non-native New Yorkers throughout the city. Why? Most likely because NYC has an opportunity that they just cannot find elsewhere and as easily. Millions of people flock here for economic gain in one way or another. From young actresses to investment bankers, everyone has a story and a dream in NYC.

You can’t miss a Broadway show when you are in the City that never sleeps.

Even the smallest dreams can happen. On, a regular young man created an entire site after seeing a girl he thought was beautiful on a subway. With a vague description but a lot of hope and help, he found his dream girl. Then there are the greats with dreams of grandeur. Jazz Royalty, Ella Fitzgerald, was living on the streets of Harlem before winning the famed singing competition at the Apollo Theater. Sylvester Stallone was another homeless to Hollywood success after sleeping in the Port Authority for a time. With NYC most definitely being a city of dreams, why not live here?


New York City sure does offer a lot of free stuff for such an expensive city. Even if you’re paying thousands to live in a shoebox you are getting a good deal when it comes to free concerts, free tours and more.

If you cannot afford the pricey shops of 5th Avenue or SoHo you can definitely give thrifting a shot. The stigma of thrift store shopping is not often seen in NYC. With so many fashionable and well off New Yorkers making space for newer items, others get a chance at some great second-hand goodies. Thrift store shopping has become a trend of its own and is widely embraced in hipster hangouts of Williamsburg and East Village.

Central Park in New York host to a lot of free concerts in the summer.

The truly free events and outings in the city make the hustle and bustle lifestyle worth it. There have been numerous surprise concerts throughout the city with performers like Drake, Beyonce, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and U2. Some equally exciting but planned events include Central Park SummerStage, Good Morning America Concert Series and Bryant Park Fall Festival. Performers range all the way from Alvin Ailey Dance Theater to Norah Jones.

If concerts aren’t your thing, there are many other free things to do. While some are always free and others are day specific, you can visit the Bronx Zoo, the Manhattan Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Brewery Tours or any one of the great parks throughout the city.

If these reasons are not good enough to move to NYC, then I don’t know what is!


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