Fire Dancers in Boracay

Boracay has another side.

When night the falls, the place turns into a different kind of kinkiness that everybody is aware of. Its a meat market where flesh is the name of the game. Flirting becomes an art and fun is defined somewhat into a different level.

The bars are full of gimmicks: from drink specials to fire dancing, to blaring electronic/pop music, to barkers who lure costumers to come check out the place they’re promoting. The good thing is, there’s no forceful persuasion. You are free to go inside or not. No one would drag you inside like the bars in Bangkok. 

Of all these gimmicks, fire dancing captured my interests. Danger, sexiness and gracefulness are rolled into one in this kind of entertainment. The fire dancers impressed me.

Why? Maybe because I like to play with fire. Literally and figuratively. Hahahaha….

Watch the video below.




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