Filipino Dishes

An Italian reader wanted me to post Filipino dishes I devoured with gusto while vacationing here. I tried to take as many pics I want but these are the only ones presentable and the ones I’d love to eat again and again and again.

As you would see, there’s not much meat here. I tried to eat as much fish as I could because it’s healthy and so cheap in the third world.

I’m not a foodie person so I won’t comment much about the food. I eat whatever is on the table as long as they’re not raw. 😉 But, there’s one raw food I’d love to lick (not really eat)… and u know it. Hahahahahaha…

I don’t even know how to cook. There I said it in this blog a million times already.

  I’ve come to love this food because my ex loved it. He could eat this every meal of the day. Ok, fine, I sound so pathetic now.This is really spicy. It’s Bicol Region’s famous dish.They’re like the baby crabs. Softee.

Milkfish is the country’s national fish. Who doesn’t love it?

Give me fish and I’ll devour ’em all.

Boy, when I ordered this one, a guy who was standing behind me said, “You like it? I love this this dish. It’s a staple food for me—and I love it more than my GF.”
There you go. Imagine how delicious must this be.

Bacolod’s pride. Sinfully delicious.

This is my second fave food.

And this is….. my favorite food!

You see, I’m just a simple guy who loves food of the poor. ;))

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