Part 3: Exploring Bagan Temples in One Day

Exploring Bagan Temples in one day is possible – on a motorbike. Yep, you can rent a motorbike and go at your own pace! However, I’d still advise you to ask for a map from the hotel/hostel receptionist.

And don’t just ride unprepared. The weather in Bagan is scorching hot all year, except on monsoon mornings. Pack an extra t-shirt or sweatshirt and bring water or food. And oh, the road is dusty so you better have a pair of sunglasses.

This post is the last of the 22 temples you can explore in Bagan in one day. So, let’s continue with our little adventure in Bagan!

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17. Yinmana Temple

Yinmana is an interesting complex of well-tended temples. Despite its wondrous beauty, the temples are off-the-beaten-track. There were only two of us there at the time of our visit. If you notice in the picture below, each temple has a different style and they’re interesting to see if you observe them from afar. The downside is that nowhere we could find descriptions of the pagoda’s history.

Yinmana Temple Things to do in Bagan / Exploring Bagan Temples in One Day
Yinmana Temple in Bagan

18. ShweZiGon Pagoda

At the time when we arrived here, we weren’t able to go inside because there was some sort of ceremony. They told us to go back in an hour. But since it was almost sunset, we had no time to do that.

ShweZiGon Pagoda is a gold-plated temple whose stupa glimmers under the sun. Its impressive design is copied across the country. Devotees believe that the shrine has the bone and tooth of Gautama Buddha, making it a pilgrimage and important site.

ShweZiGon Pagoda Things to do in Bagan
ShweZiGon Pagoda is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Buddhists in the country.

19. Gubyauk Gyi (Wetkyi-in) Pagoda

If you have been to India, you can easily identify that this pagoda has Indian influence. What you shouldn’t miss here is the murals on the roof that depict the 28 Buddhas from the ancient manuscript of Buddhism. It is dark inside and it was pretty hard to decipher the paintings so I used the flashlight from my iPhone. Unfortunately, visitors can’t take photos of its interior.

Gubyauk Gyi Pagoda - Wetkyi-in Bagan
Gubyauk Gyi Pagoda – Wetkyi-in Bagan / Exploring Bagan Temples in One Day

20. Alotawpyae Pagoda

The temple’s name translates to “wish-fulfilling.” It’s a small temple but a lot of devotees come over for rituals. The ground is also well-kept but the frescoes inside are in various states of decay.

Alotawpyae Pagoda Temples in Bagan
Alotawpyae Pagoda in Bagan

21. Htilominlo Temple in Bagan

This 13th-century temple is the largest of all temples in Bagan. It stands out from all other temples and even from above (sunrise balloon tour), Htilominlo Pagoda is such majestic beauty. The temple’s name comes from the previous King of the Kingdom. Legend has it that King Narapatisithu has five sons. One day, he called them all and let them stand in a circle, around an umbrella. When the umbrella tilted in Htilominlo’s direction, he was chosen, as King. Interesting way to choose the next heir to the throne, right?

Htilominlo Pagoda Bagan Myanmar
Exploring Bagan temples in one day is possible.

22. KhayMinga Pagoda – Leaning Pagoda

If Italy has the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Bagan also has its own version – Khe Minga Pagoda. I was told that there are a few leaning pagodas here, but there is one that stood out from the rest. This complex of temples is one of the stops if you are taking a horse-driven carriage tour. You can see the sunset from here.

KhayMinga Leaning Pagoda
KhayMinga Leaning Pagoda / Exploring Bagan Pagodas in One Day is possible.

These were all the ancient temples of Bagan that my driver and I explored in one day. As there was only me to attend to, we were able to see many temples.

We ended our day at the riverside where we watched the sunset, together with other backpackers. We were all quiet in front of the gowing ball of fire with the sound of the calm river below. It was either we were mesmerized by the beauty of that moment or we were just all tired from temple hopping that day. Whichever reason, that moment of our lives will forever be etched in our travel memories.

Tours in Bagan

If you know how to ride a motorbike, then I won’t recommend you to join a tour. Renting a motorbike is cheaper, of course. But if you’re not into searing heat from the sun or you don’t want dust, then, go and join the tour. Remember that in Bagan, you will be on a dirt road most of the time, so you might not like the dust anywhere. Sitting in a comfortable car suits you fine, I suppose. Here are some tours you could take in Bagan.

Hostel in Bagan

The best hostel where you can stay in Bagan is at BaobaBed Hostel. It’s clean and the beds are comfortable, too. Staff members are helpful and they help you with all their might. The hostel is also surrounded by restaurants and souvenir shops. If you want to rent an electric motorbike, the rental place is just across the street. You can also find other accommodations of your type on these websites: Booking, Expedia, and HostelWorld.


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