The Elephant Rock

Don’t miss seeing this Elephant Rock when you’re in Madain Saleh or Al Ula in Saudi Arabia.

Last weekend, some of us went camping for two nights at Al Ula. Yes, I know what you are thinking – it’s hot and it’s a freakin’ desert! Well, you’re wrong! There are rocky mountains and incredible mountain formations, too! We didn’t really see much of the desert as we were surrounded by rock monoliths and giant sandstones in various shapes and lengths.

The Elephant Rock at Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.
The Elephant Rock at Al Ula, Saudi Arabia.

Look at this gorgeous Elephant Rock! It’s a monolith in the middle of other hundreds of rock monoliths around Al Ula and Madain Saleh. As you can see it really looks like an elephant – a baby elephant! But, methinks it’s also a sea horse facing down. Do you think so? 🙂


You should go camping – an experience you won’t forget. We stayed both in Sahary Al Ola Camp and Madakhil Camp. If one is full, we choose the other. ? If camping in the desert is not your thing, you can always stay at Al Ula Arac Hotel downtown.

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