Eating Deer Meat in Mexico

We left Chichen Itza at around 3 in the afternoon—and everyone was hungry. Except me. I felt that the calories I had from my huge breakfast wasn’t burned yet. So, we stopped in a village 20 minutes away from Chichen Itza, on our way back to Tulum. We missed to see a beautiful cenote, the second in my must-see list in that part of Mexico due to lack of time. 🙁

Does it look like a restaurant to you?

Does it look like a restaurant to you?

Our driver brought us to this hut that didn’t even look like a restaurant. Not even a hint of it. We entered the door and we were met with a smoke that came from the kitchen.

Deer Meat in Mexico a

Two women were making dough and the other was busy attending the grilled deer meet placed on a huge flat pan with firewood crackling below it. There’s nothing fancy in there. When we exited the kitchen, long tables were already prepared for our arrival in an extended backyard space covered with a sack tent. The driver must have already informed the restaurant owners that a throng of us were coming.

Deer Meat in Mexico 3 c

While waiting for our orders, I was looking at the two women who were cutting deer meat into thin slabs just few steps away from us. Flies were everywhere around them and they used the table as the chop board. While they were doing their chores, three (or 4, I think) skinny dogs and two cats were waiting under and around the table for a morsel of meat to be dropped by them—but, of course, nothing was spared for them. It’s a sight I don’t want to see. 🙁

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Deer Meat in Mexico 4 d

I’m not sure if deers are endangered species. I was not really keen into eating it. As I said, I wasn’t that hungry. But, I didn’t ‘t wanna be a wet blanket in the group so when my plateful of deer meat arrived, I did eat three slices of it – and nothing more. I devoured my share of flat bread with eggs with much gusto and drained my bottle of coke. I didn’t even touch my bean soup.

Deer Meat in Mexico 2 b

Later, when two skinny dogs started to walk under our table, I secretly gave them a piece of meat from my plate. The owners and our bus drivers kept shooing them but they kept on coming back, so the humans just gave up. LOL… When everyone was full, we each threw the dogs a piece of our leftovers. All four of them and a cat gladly chewed them like hungry tourists from afar. 😀

That was my first try of eating a deer meat–and that would be my last, too. Don’t you find deer, dear?

Oh, the taste? It was just like a beef.

That’s all.


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