Dyke March Toronto – Holes for Inclusion of All Dykes

The Hole-y Army Presents: Holes for Inclusion of All Dykes

(Texts below are taken from the brochure handed out during the Dyke March

Transwomen dykes. QAIA dykes. Genderqueer dykes. Highfemme dykes. Intersex dykes. Sex worker dykes. Femme FTM dykes. Pansexual dykes. Everyday dykes. Bisexual dykes. Asexual dykes. Butch trans dykes. Part-time dykes. People who used to be dykes. Future dykes. Questioning dykes. We welcome dykes of all genders and presentations that may feel excluded.

Dyke March Toronto – Holes for Inclusion of All Dykes

We all have different kinds of bodies and histories whish is awesome! No matter how many holes you have or how you choose to use them its your business. The Hole-y Army does not believe in gender policing or censoring our dykes.

We know some people may think we dont have a right to be here. We know that theres no way to tell who has a right to be here by looking and we should come up with better things to do.

Cruise each other! Flirt! Make friends! Overthrow the patriarchy! Shake our holes!


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