The Dying Dead Sea

Bucket list: to swim float in the Dead Sea.

Checked. On December 28, 2013.

I just didn’t float but also frolicked in it–with my rainbow wig! While others pretended to read a book, I brought my iPad and browsed Ellen DeGeneres’ website. Ok, there was no internet connection alright, but I saved the link so I could pretend, too. LOL…

Our trip from Aqaba (southern part of Jordan) to the Dead Sea was four hours long by bus. At mid-trip, we stopped in a lone grocery store/cafe in a desert highway, 100 meters below sea level. As we approached to the lowest point on earth, our guide constantly reminded us of our elevation level until we were driving along the Dead Sea shoreline.

Tips: Don’t forget to buy Dead Sea products. They’ll keep you young forever! ūüôā

The Dying Dead Sea

Driving along the Dead Sea highway was a biblical journey. We passed by Lot’s (Prophet Lot from the Bible) Sanctuary and the Museum at the Lowest Point on Earth. Our guide pointed to us the cave where Lot and his two daughters sought refuge after the rain of fire. He also told us of the ongoing excavations that might prove of the true existence of Sodom and Gomorrah, places which the Christians would love to mention about how detestable homosexuality is. Duh.

But, anyway, let’s talk about the Dead Sea, not homosexuality. LOL…

Here are the things I learned about the dying Dead Sea. Let’s start with the obvious.

1. You can float. 

Even with a book. An iPad. Or in a rainbow wig! You couldn’t touch the bottom with your feet if you’re away from the shore.

The Dying Dead Sea

2. It’s the lowest point on earth.¬†

It’s more than 400 meters below sea level.

The Dying Dead Sea

3. It’s salty.

I tasted it (because I wanted to). It was nasty salty. Seas only have 3-4% of salt, but the Dead Sea has more than 30% of it.

The Dying Dead Sea

4. No life under the sea.

That’s why it’s named as such. No marine life survivors ever recorded.

Jordan Dead Sea

5. Water is sustained by River Jordan and hot springs. 

But, the sad news is that, River Jordan needs help and the number of hot springs is now down to 13.

The Dying Sea Jordan

6. Don’t get water in your eyes.¬†

It’s a nasty experience if you do. Run to the nearest cold freshwater shower on the shore. Do not shave a day before you float. Open wounds + salt = very unpleasant.

The Dying Dead Sea

7. It’s therapeutic.¬†

Not just the sea water but also its mud. Doctors have proven that the minerals found there are beneficial to your skin, thus, there are lots of Dead Sea skin products everywhere. It’s the world’s largest open-air spa.

The Dying Sea Dead

8. Beach Resorts are only in designated areas. 

These areas, however, are infested with high-end hotels, like the Marriot, Holiday Inn, Kempenski, etc…

The Dying Sea Dead

9. The land around it is so rich.

So rich that the concentration of farming in Jordan is in here. Fruits and vegetables are organic. Tomatoes are everywhere along the highway.

The Dying Sea Dead

10. There are no boats, ships or jet skis. 

Because it’s the boundary between Israel and Jordan.

The Dying Dead Sea

11. The Dead Sea is dying. 

It used to be a thousand square kilometers, but nowadays, it’s just around 700 sq. kms. More water evaporates than flows into it. Every year, it drops to 1 meter. One day, if no action is taken, the Dead Sea will live up to its name.

The Dying Dead Sea

The water level used to be where the tent is.

12. Israel and Jordan are trying to save it. 

There’s a big plan right now to source water from the Red Sea via a canal to the Dead Sea. While the plan is a good solution to the problem, many environmentalists are worried that it will change the quality of water and the ecological balance of the area that surrounds it.

The Dying Dead Sea

¬†13. It’s warm all year!¬†

Even in winter time.

The Dying Sea Jordan Amman

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    But, it’s really said to know about the dying part of the dead sea.
    sad but, it’s going to happen if we all let it be.

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