Door Handles in Chinese Doors – Guardians of the House

These door handles in Chinese doors are the guardians of the house. Three weeks ago, I traveled to Suzhou. Every time I saw a door handle, I couldn’t help but take photos of them. They fascinate me. The locals and other tourists who had seen me looking at the details of these door handles must have thought that I was obsessed. Oh well, I am. 😀

Here are a few of the door handles I saw in Suzhou. 

Door Handles in Chinese Doors China Suzhou Travel Blog
Door Handles in Chinese Doors in Suzhou.

Some people might call these as door knockers. Or doorknobs?

Door Handles in Chinese Doors Suzhou China
Door Handles in Chinese Doors in Suzhou.

They are everywhere in China, but not much in the city.

Door Handles in Chinese Doors Suzhou Travel Blog
Door Handles in Chinese Doors in Suzhou.

Except in city areas where ancient houses are declared and protected by law.

Things to do in Suzhou Hotel Hostel
Look these faces! Would bad spirits go away?

You will see many of them in small cities, villages, temples and other tourist sites.

Things to do in Suzhou Hostel Hotel Travel Blog
I like this one. There’s no face of an animal. I wonder what the design says.

A Chinese friend of mine said that many people believe in the power of these handles.

Tourist attractions in Suzhou Travel blog
Do they scare you at all?

They resemble that of the face of a lion, monkey, and dragon – at least that’s how I see them.

Door Handles in Chinese Doors
Is it a dragon? A monkey? Or a lion?
People believe that these door handles can protect them from evil.
Tourist attractions in Suzhou Travel Blog China
Simply rocks!

Or bad luck from entering their house. . 

Hostel Suzhou Hotel Travel Blog China
What a padlock!

Well, from the look of these faces, who won’t be afraid? 

China Travel Blog Tourist Attraction Suzhou
Imagine if they would roar? 😉

Imagine if these lions would roar when you’re a stranger visiting for the first time? 😉 

Suzhou Tourist Attraction China
Some door handles in Chinese doors are tiny.

Would you not run? 😀 

Chinese doorknobs knockers
With no animal face, I wonder what they have patterned after.

I bet you’d run faster than a maglev train in China! 😀

Hostel Suzhou Hotel Things to do Travel Blog
This would be hard for the thieves to break.

However, these door handles also show a kind of culture that is still embraced by many.

Door Handles in Chinese Doors
next time you see a Chinese door, stop and stare at the door handles! 😉

In big cities around the world, especially in Chinatowns, these door handles are ubiquitous.

Door Handles in Chinese Doors
Check out your local Chinatown. You’ll find this door handles, too!

They may look scary, but they are there to remind evil strangers and bad spirits not to trespass.

China Travel Blog Suzhou
A lot of Chinese doors are in red.

Or else, these lions would roar – for real. 😉

China trip travel blog photos
Red, in Chinese, symbolizes prosperity.

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VPN in China

Remember that while most hotels in China have free access to wifi, it is recommended that you install your own VPN to access your social media accounts. And yes, Google is non-existent here. So, if you have Gmail accounts, they won’t work here without a VPN.

How to Buy a Train Ticket Online in China

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