Dine in Style: 5 Restaurants Near Royal Albert Hall

Iconic Royal Albert Hall is a must-visit location on any trip to London, and no night at the concert hall is complete without a great meal to accompany the show. Many delicious restaurants are within a short walking distance of the hall and several of them offer set-price theater menus designed to get you to your show on time. All you have to do is choose the type of cuisine you’d like to enjoy on your luxurious theatre night in London.


Verdi Albert Hall

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The Royal Albert Hall’s restaurant, Verdi-Italian Kitchen, is a casual lunch and dinner experience located within the stunning hall itself. Open from 12 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays, sit down for a meal before or after seeing a show at the Royal Albert Hall or stop by for afternoon tea, which is served between 2 and 4:30 p.m. Stone baked pizzas and pasta dishes take center stage on the menu, and every Friday the restaurant offers live music.


At 55 Prince’s Gate, Exhibition Road, just a short walk from Royal Albert Hall, is the Polish restaurant Ognisko. It sits in an old Victorian home, is beautifully decorated, and serves classic Eastern European dishes like pierogi and placki. Order food a la carte or get a pre-theatre meal for a set price, perfect if you’re seeing some music in the evening. Their menu changes daily, so no two visits to Ognisko will be the same.

190 Queen’s Gate

The chic 190 Queen’s gate takes its cues from its proximity to Royal Albert Hall. They’re open late enough to accommodate concert hall visitors who want a drink or a bite after seeing favorite musicians, and they provide a succulent pre-theater fixed menu. Of course, you can always order from the a la carte menu, too. The eclectic restaurant, with its large chandelier and collection of paintings adorning its walls, is open all day. Their address is the same as their name.

Launceston Place

Image via Flickr by Whistling in the Dark

Image via Flickr by Whistling in the Dark

Located in South Kensington (where you’ll also find some of the best London hotels,) this fine dining experience has a Michelin star and has a reputation for possessing one of London’s best wine lists. Choose from the market menu, the tasting menu, the set lunch menu, or the early dinner menu. The prices are what you’d expect for fine dining (£90 is the average bill) but visiting a restaurant that regularly employs renowned chefs and serves culinary art is worth it.


Looking out onto Kensington Gardens is Brunello, an Italian restaurant falling on the upscale side of casual. The menu takes its cues from the Mediterranean, and they deliver a considerable number of ingredients straight from Italy. Visit them between 5:30 and 7:30 in the evening to do wine and apertifs for £15 a person.

Dine in style before your show at Royal Albert Hall or pop in after for some cocktails and snacks. Any one of these restaurants is a fine choice to supplement your evening of great music.



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