Last night, I brought my friend’s family, who are visiting Beijing for 6 days, to this Dimsum restaurant that I have been so many times but can’t even figure / say out the name of it in Chinese. It’s a good thing that it’s near the subway and a famous park that perhaps, every Beijinger has been to.

Finally, I was able to take photos of the dimsum food we ordered. I’d recommend this place if you are already tired of the usual oily Chinese food. Dimsum here is cheap and the Chinese dishes they have on the menu are medium priced and a dish served is good for four people.

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This is the restaurant. It’s between the Yonghegong Lama Temple Subway in Line 2 and the South Gate of Ditan Park. This restaurant doesn’t accept booking. You have to go there early and join the queue of people waiting. Waiting for your table here means eating melon seeds for free.

Oh well, everybody’s familiar with this food. Chinese people ALWAYS eat this on Spring Festival for more money? I was told that how dumplings are formed actually look like a coin. Hmmnnn…

I hate steamed dumpling but I adore the fried ones.

I’m not really a foodie person who can easily remember the names of food but I do remember the taste of this—it’s yummy! 

There’s no doubt that this is my super favorite dimsum. It’s a combination of pork and seafood. It’s deliciously heaven.

This is rice flour or something that you have to dip it in the sauce before savoring it. If you don’t, it’s just like you are eating raw flour, I reckon.

I know this is not dimsum but we also ordered Chinese food. Chicken feet is one of them. You should know by now where the Adidas logo got it from.

I guess, if you wear Adidas shoes, you have chicken feet? Hahahahaha!!!
Literally and figuratively.

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