Dancing House in Prague – Who Are These Dancers?

This Dancing House in Prague is in every tourist guidebook of the city. However, I really have mixed feelings about listing it as a tourist attraction. Alright, it’s different, eh? It’s not the usual building you can find in Prague, but, ok, it’s….unique?

Now, let’s take a closer look at this piece of architecture.

Dancing House in Prague - Who Are These Dancers?
Dancing House in Prague – Who Are These Dancers?

The glass tower is certainly the woman in the dancing duo, right? And she’s obviously wearing a skirt! Isn’t she curvy?

Dancing House in Prague - Who Are These Dancers?
Dancing House in Prague – Who Are These Dancers?

The stone tower on the right is, of course, the man. I wonder why the man only has a leg and the woman has six legs? 😀 😀

Dancing House in Prague - Who Are These Dancers?
Things to see in Prague.

But do you know that the dancing duo has names? They are named after Fred Astair and his dancing partner, Ginger Rogers. Thus, the Dancing House is also called “Fred and Ginger.”

Fred and Ginger Prague
The names of the dancing duo are Fred and Ginger.

And guess what – you can actually go up there at the Fred and Ginger Restaurant. The views of the river and parts of the Charles Bridge and the Prague Palace are visible from here.

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If you have the budget, go up there and treat yourself! 😉

I think the reason why this building is because it’s designed by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic. Don’t forget to check out the buildings around the Dancing House. Many of them are wonderful, historical and colorful, too!

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Things to do and see in Prague.

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