Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

It’ was damn cold in Montreal last weekend. Freezing, actually. After the tempestuous snowstorm last Friday, it’s no good to be depressed by and wallowed in it. Plowing your snow-covered backyard would be a good thing to do but dancing the winter away at Igloofest was the best thing you can do. No, I’m not taking about dancing gangnam style. That’s over-rated and ‘m not even a fan. I’m talking about a rave that’s crazy fun outdoor, sans minding the sub-zero temperature.

Igloofest is awesome, freakin’ awesome actually. I love raves. Either it’s indoor or outdoor, I don’t really care. I love the vibe, the camaraderie, the fun stuff people do when drunk and the epileptic moves of un-danceable blokes that’s just contagious. In raves, there’s no racial or sexual discrimination present. Everybody just want to have fun and dance ’till their shoe soles are worn out. Yes, it’s crowded but isn’t it nice to bump ass with someone (or step on someone’s shoes—if you are conservative) dancing next to you, apologize, smile, talk and get to know his/her name? And when you wake up the next day, you have a new facebook friend request? There’s something about raves that keep my feet happy.

Igloofest in Montreal 9

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal


That’s why, even if I had to travel for 6 hours or more from Toronto to Montreal on a blizzard, I didn’t care. Last Saturday’s rave was the last one this season and I had the urge to be there. No, I didn’t and couldn’t wait until next year. When I saw a post about Igloofest in a couchsurfing group, I was immediately thrilled of dancing in the wide open Old Port in Montreal. I was even secretly dreaming of a snow fall while shaking my booties to Chris Liebing’s (he was awesome in Beijing) electronic tunes.

Igloofest in Montreal 1

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

The Ice Bar. Those multi-colored square grids are made of ice. They really looked great! And who needs ice cubes when the temperature is below zero?

Igloofest in Montreal 2

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

I love being a Virgin mobile user. They’ve got their own igloo and DJ’s inside. I didn’t have to join the queue. I was treated like a VIP.

Igloofest in Montreal 3

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

This pic was taken when the night was still young. You could still see spaces where the hedonists can still move from one place to another.

Igloofest in Montreal 4

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

If you worry too much about the coldness, the venue actually has fireplaces scattered around to warm yourself or even burn a marshmallow.

Igloofest in Montreal 5

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

Bird’s eye view from the back side. You can literally dance everywhere. You can even dance the winter away while lining up for porty potty.

Igloofest in Montreal 6

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

And oh yes, you are allowed to be yourself.

Igloofest in Montreal 7

You can be anything, really.

Igloofest in Montreal 10

Be colorful. Be funky. A pink jacket? No problem. Just make sure you hold that can of beer like it’s something super valuable to keep you up for the rest of the night.

Igloofest in Montreal 11

I bet they have to be close together to keep themselves warm. LOL…

Igloofest in Montreal 13

Igloofest runs for 4 weekends in January-February. It’s something you should try once in your boring life.

Igloofest in Montreal 14

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

This is the crowd an hour before I left. I had to catch my bus going back to Toronto at midnight. I didn’t drink much but I surely sweated dancing.

Igloofest in Montreal 15

Ice sculpture were all over the venue. If you happen to be in Montreal during Igloofest, you also check out their Snow Village or Village des Neiges. 

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