Coyoacan – A Morning Stroll

Discovering Coyoacan was a travel itinerary that wasn’t supposed to happen. From our hotel in Mexico City, a friend and I hired a taxi to take us around for a day. Our first stop was Frida Kahlo’s Blue House – and we were told that the queue would be unbearable. So, our driver picked up at 7:30 in the morning – even if opens at 10:00. We felt we arrived too early so our driver suggested to drop us off Coyoacan center and leave us there to stroll around.

The Morning Stroll at Coyoacan

Coyoacan - A Morning Stroll Mexico City
Coyoacan – A Morning Stroll (Mexico City).

Coyoacan is a little charming town just 30 minutes outside Mexico City. I think that if you are visiting Frida’s Blue House, you should also check out the historic center after. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Coyoacan - A Morning Stroll
Coyoacan – A Morning Stroll (Mexico City).

People believed that the town got its name from the coyotes that used to inhabit the place. In fact, a fountain was built for the coyotes to drink. And yes, those two animal statues? They’re coyotes!

Coyote statues at Coyoacan Mexico City
Two coyotes in a fountain at Coyoacan in Mexico City.

An early morning walk around the historic center gave me that bohemian kind of vibe.

Coyoacan - A Morning Stroll (Mexico City).
Coyoacan – A Morning Stroll (Mexico City).

With almost no one around, it felt like I was traveling to the past.

Things to do in Mexico City San Juan Bautista Church
Church of San Juan Bautista (Mexico City).

We started our morning stroll at the Church – where our driver dropped us off.

Church of San Juan Bautista (Mexico City).
Church of San Juan Bautista (Mexico City).

The Church of San Juan de Bautista stands next to a former monastery for the Dominican friars.

Things to do in Mexico City
Things to do in Mexico City

If you are impressed with its facade, wait until you see its interior. Every detail here is worth seeing. Don’t forget to see all the seven chapels inside.

Church of San Juan Bautista (Mexico City).
Church of San Juan Bautista (Mexico City).

Next to the 14th century church is Plaza Hidalgo. And of course, in every plaza with Spanish influences, you’ll find a statue of men.

Plaza Hidalgo Coyoacan
Plaza Hidalgo

The plaza itself has well-manicured gardens and benches are everywhere. I reckon the place will be a hubbub of activities in the late afternoon.

Plaza Hidalgo Kiosk
The kiosk in the middle of Plaza Hidalgo.

Across the Parish of San Juan Bautista is the Jardin del Centenario.

Jadin del Centenario Mexico
Jadin del Centenario

It’s quieter here than Plaza Hidalgo and the gardens are greener, too.

Jadin del Centenario
Jadin del Centenario

Surrounding the Garden are Spanish-influenced structures that are well-preserved.

Spanish colonial buildings in Coyoacan
The buildings here are very colourful!

And, maybe, boldly colored! ๐Ÿ™‚

Public Library building Things to do in Coyoacan
Public Library building

The cobble-stoned streets, the ancient buildings, the neat gardens, and the serenity in the morning in a small town are what I needed after traveling through Mexico for almost 2 weeks.

Things to do in Mexico City
Things to do in Mexico City

Affordable Stay in Mexico

My friend and I stayed at NH Collection Mexico City Reforma in Zona Rosa. We love this area because it is close to bars, restaurants, groceries, shops, public transport, and some interesting places to see. Police officers are ubiquitous in this area, too. The hotel itself is nice and we were given a room with a good view. We can see the Angel of Independence Statue from our room. It takes about 40 minutes on foot to the historic downtown. The staff can also arrange a tour for you if thatโ€™s your kind of thing, including going to the Frida Kahlo Museum (aka, The Blue House).



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