Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Tower on a Cloudy Day

A high school classmate of mine brought me KolnSky to see the unforgettable Cologne skyline from its viewing deck. We crossed the famed Hohenzollern bridge behind Cologne Cathedral before reaching the KolnSky building.

Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Germany Travel Blog
Cologne Skyline from KolnSky (Germany).

On that day, the sun was playing hide and seek, and then decided not to come out all throughout our visit. Instead, heavy clouds came over and our planned photo op vanished. But, that didn’t dampen our mood – we continued to catch up with stories of our lives since we’ve never seen each other for almost three decades!

Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Germany Travel Blog
Cologne Skyline from KolnSky (Germany)

From the observation deck of KolnSky, you could see as far as your eyes could see.

Cologne Panoramic views Travel Blog
The panoramic views of Cologne (Germany).

Why? Because Cologne doesn’t have tall or skyscrapers that are typical in many cities.

Hostel in Cologne Hotel Things to do
Cologne Panoramic Views from KolnSky (Germany).

Cologne has maintained its old character while embracing the new.

Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Rhine river Cologne Hostel Hostel
The Rhine river passes through 6 countries.

Perhaps, the best view from up there is looking down the river and beyond.

Man standing on KolnSky Observation deck
The view from the observation deck of KolnSky (Germany).

The Rhine river, for your information, passes through six countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands) before exiting into the North Sea in Rotterdam.

Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Rhine river Cologne Germany Travel Blog
Cologne Skyline from KolnSky (Germany)

The spires of the Gothic Cologne Cathedral are a dominant structure that you can’t imagine the city without them.

Koln cathedral Spires Panorama View Travel Blog
The Cologne/Koln Cathedral (Germany).
At a far distance, the imposing and modern Colonius Tower stands tall.
Colonius Tower Cologne Germany Things to Do Travel Blog
The Colonius Tower in Cologne, Germany.

The colourful row of houses below will demand your attention and will make you wish you lived in one of them.

Things to do in Cologne Travel Blog Germany
Views of the colourful houses below – from SkyKoln Tower.
Of course, you won’t miss seeing the rail tracks, too.
Cologne Skyline from KolnSky Germany Travel Blog
Cologne Skyline from KolnSky (Germany)

Hotel / Hostel in Cologne

I stayed at Hostel die Wohngemeinschaft. You can book it via:,, Expedia, and HostelWorld.

Though it is around 30-40 minutes walk to the Cathedral, I love it here because the beds are comfortable. Each bunk had its own curtains so you can have your own privacy. It’s clean and the staff members are friendly. I was even allowed to check in early because the bed/room was already available. Or maybe, they just saw my tired eyes and I really needed a rest. Since the hostel is around the university area, cheap bars are basically right on every corner. There are a host of restaurants and grocery stores, too. For medium-priced accommodations, click here.



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