CNN Challenge: Walk The World

CNN launched its WEEKEND CHALLENGE since February 19, starting off with Mobile Photography to which CNN iReporters submitted photos taken on that day from their mobile phones. The results were amazing which tells me that you can’t put a mobile camera down whether its good or bad, cheap or expensive, shabby or hi-tech.

Then last weekend, they had this WALK IN OUR SHOES CHALLENGE for the first day of Spring—and the day when I woke up to my surprise that Beijing was enveloped with orange-y / yellow-ishy pigments in the air: sandstorm.

In this challenge, iReporters were asked to walk around the world by filming a one-minute video of their fave place to take a stroll.

I was planning to stroll at Nanlouguxiang Hutong in Beijing but I was too lazy to go there since I had to work until 3:00 p.m. So, I decided to go to the Tiananmen Square which is just a very few subway stops from where I work. And most of all, when Beijing is mentioned, Tiananmen or Mao comes to mind. 
So, this is my piece from this side of the world.

And do you see that CNN logo on the left top?

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If you wanna join the CNN Weekend Challenge and don’t want to get bored on weekends, do try these challenges in forthcoming weekends.




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