I have sweet tooth. Thus, I love chocolates.

Anything sweet, actually.

Creamy or milky, give ’em to me and I’ll never ever say NO.

Last week, I went to the CHOCOLATE WONDERLAND at the north side of the Bird’s Nest or National Stadium. Of course, there was a display of chocolates around the world from Belgium to U.S.A. The former’s booth was actually the most crowded of ’em all as most Chinese people are so familiar with Belgian chocolates.

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!
Well, when u say chocolates, the first thing that comes to mind is, BELGIUM, right?

Anyway, the Chocolate Wonderland is NOT really the WONDERLAND that I was expecting—the one that gives free samples of chocs to everyone. Unfortunately, even a candy was not included in the RMB80 entrance fee.

The so-called wonderland was divided to three halls: World Chocolate Hall, Wonderland Theme Hall and Sweet Experience Hall.

WORLD CHOCOLATE HALL As you enter the hall, explanations about the differences of Dark, White and Milk chocolates. There was some sort of scroll detailing the history of chocolates around the world.

Then, you will be greeted with booths of different countries where chocolates are popular—France,  Italy, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Belgium, China, etc.

There were sculptures, tiny statues, anime, musical instruments, and art pieces that were made up of chocolates. They’re even colorful and magnificent to look at!

It also in this hall where a demonstration on chocolate-making is open for everybody. Well, not really hands-on for the choc tasters. People just watch while two attendants are doing their stuff.


This is the hall where the much-talked about Great Wall of Chocolate is placed right when you enter the hall. While this is hands-off to the visitors, you can just do nothing but camwhore. Indeed, it resembles like that of the Great Wall of China but it didn’t look like it’s made of chocolate so I asked one the security guards and she proudly said that it’s 100% chocolate.

Ok, fine. Whatever.

The tiny replicas of Terracota Warriors were chocolate in every inch. They were gorgeous chinky-eyed soldiers I wish I could devour them whole like how I devour a… well,… you know….. Hahahahahaha…   

Sports theme is also in this hall where a chocolate-colored player dunks the ball into the basket with his tongue wagging. Is that chu, Michael Jordan?
And oh, yes, there’s the BMW car, too, all made up in chocolate. This is perhaps, the most crowded of them all in this hall where, not just me, but legions of camwhores posed in front of it. Dude, 98% of them showed a V-sign pose to my chagrin. Whatever.
This is the world’s most expensive chocolate.
Rhapsody of Lollipop—China’s Biggest Lollipop


Don’t go there unless you are rich. This is where chocolates are sold—in exhorbitant prices. Ok, I bought one for RMB110 for a small bar.

Ha. I’m rich.

They are selling not just chocolates but t-shirts, mugs and other memorabilia of the event. Crap.


There were several mascots that entertain everyone outside the halls. They played with children mainly and posed with adults most of the time—me included. They have performance, too, in the outdoor stage but it basically for children only. So, while everyone was watching the show, I entered one of the halls where there were only few heads inside.

Lookah! Lookah! Lookah! Who’s wearing my rainbow wig?

World Chocolate Dream Park runs from January 29-April 10. Opening hours are 9am-5.30pm (weekdays), or 9am-7.30pm (weekends). It is be located in the square on the north side of the Bird’s Nest (National Stadium). Entry RMB 80. If you really can’t wait you can buy tickets in advance here.

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!

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