Chicago Underground Tour

If Rome wasn’t built in a day, Chicago wasn’t built in hay.

It’s built in solid rocks, steels, irons and concrete.

Behind and beyond the windy and bustling city are tunnels, pedways and underpasses. It has a vast space for exploration and history that tourists might not even get to know—if they stick on doing and seeing what’s above ground and what’s obvious the city is famous for: skyscrapers.

But, I urge you to try this off-the-beaten path tour: Chicago Underground Tour

This tour is part below and part above ground exploration that brings you to the immense underground systems that connect[easyazon_link asin=”1742200613″ locale=”US” new_window=”yes” nofollow=”default” tag=”pridecostume-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”yes” popups=”yes”] Chicago[/easyazon_link] from one entry to another; from the old, rusty structures below to the shiny, modern, towering enclaves above ground–passing historical places complete with awesome narration of little known facts that are worthy of trivia questions.

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The knowledgeable Liz, our bubbly tour guide, started the tour at a square in front of NBC studio, giving us architectural digests of the skyscrapers around Magnificent Mile, a major shopping mecca in the city. She then led us down into the dark streets and corners beneath the square. Apparently there’s another underground crossings there, complete with traffic lights. Though no pedestrians are allowed there, we managed to cross for our safety. Not that really scary. 🙂

Chicago Underground Tour

Chicago Underground Tour.

We crossed the bridge underneath Michigan Avenue, emerged in an alley, back to the underground pass again and came out at the city’s Riverwalk where the Marina City Towers and Trump Tower were directly in front of us, separated by a river that runs through between us. We passed by a Vietnam Memorial Square, then, on to the streets and were regaled by unknown, intriguing stories of some landmarks as we snaked our way through traffic and sunshine. We progressed our way by learning historical and architectural details that’s abounding everywhere.

Underground Tour Chicago Savvy Chicago Underground Tour.

Chicago Underground Tour.

After walking on street level for quiet a long time, we entered Chicago’s pedway system spanning 40 blocks. It’s heated in winter and it’s cooled in summer. We learned that flood came through here years ago that damaged businesses operating under. Passageways and tunnels are interlinking each other–which is not easy to navigate even for a Chicagoan. It’s a test of memory–and maybe, a test of patience when you’re lost. So, good luck to that! LOL…

We punctured our tour at the Union Station, right opposite Millennium Park.

This Chicago Underground Tour doesn’t bring you to dingy zones and stinky sewages to find Batman’s cove at the end of the tunnel. :))

Reservation is recommended. Click HERE to BOOK. 

Chicago Underground Tour.

Chicago Underground Tour.

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Underground Tour Chicago Savvy 5

Chicago Underground Tour.

Chicago Underground Tour.

Underground Tour Chicago Savvy 8

Chicago Underground Tour.


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