Chicago Skyline at Night

The wind from Michigan Lake started becoming chilly as I claimed a spot on a concrete bleacher by the lake. Some runners came past me and a few gingerly walked with their furry best friends who seemed to enjoy it.  In twenty minutes, tourists started coming and took their places in the same long concrete bleachers I was occupying. I moved a little bit further from them because I wanted to be alone in the moment we were all waiting for: a postcard-perfect photo of Chicago’s skyline at night.

As the sun dipped deeper somewhere at the back of the ginormous skyscrapers, the random lights started to flicker like sharp diamonds at a far distance. Slowly, they sparkled like stars glistening against the dark blue skies. In fleeting minutes, the towering skyscrapers claimed dominance over the moonless, starless night skies. They shone through the night, leaving me, a spectator, breathless at such beauty of the modern world. The lego-like tall boxes turned into magnificent objects of my affection. I was in love.

As the night got darker and pitch black, the glaring lights bounced unto the billowing waves of Lake Michigan that rippled as if in choreography with the rhythm of the wind, soundless and as calm as the serene beauty of a pristine beach.

Put on your shawl and enjoy the view.

Chicago Skyline at Night Sunset 1

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline Night 4

Chicago Skyline Night 5

Chicago Skyline Night 8

Chicago Skyline Night 9

Chicago Skyline Night 10

Chicago Skyline Night 11

Chicago Skyline Night 12

Chicago Skyline Night 13

Chicago Skyline Night 14

Chicago Skyline Night 16

Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night.

Chicago Skyline Night 18

Chicago Skyline Night 19

Chicago Skyline Night 20

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