An Early Morning Stroll at Charles Bridge in Prague

At first glance, Charles Bridge in Prague is just an ordinary bridge you’ll see across Europe. You won’t appreciate it if you haven’t read a bit of its history or anything about its structure. The Prague skyline on both sides of the river serves as a beautiful backdrop. The experience itself will forever stay in the deepest recesses of your memory. Charles Bridge and Prague’s Old Town are probably the best places to explore on foot.

Charles Bridge in Prague Morning Sunrise
An Early Morning Stroll at Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic).

I recommend an early morning stroll at Charles Bridge to beat the crowd and watch the sunrise.

An Early Morning Stroll at Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic).
An Early Morning Stroll at Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic).

From above, this is what Charles Bridge looks like every day in the summer.

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My only regret visiting here is that I only stayed for three full days.

If you are on the bridge itself, it will look like this.

Prague Things to do
An Early Morning Stroll at Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic).
Without the tourists, Charles Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe.
Charles Bridge with our the tourists
Here is Charles Bridge without the tourists.

It is common to see crazy, rich Asians having their prenup photographs taken here.

Charles Bridge Hostel Hotele in Prague
Wedding photography is popular in the morning.

Due to its heavy foot traffic, Charles Bridge is a pedestrian bridge only.

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Morning walk at Charles Bridge.

It has 16 arches, measures 516m long, and is 9.5m wide.

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In the morning, you’ll have the chance to watch the sunrise from the bridge.

Named after King Charles IV, the construction of this cobbled-stoned bridge started in 1357.

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Views from the bridge.

You’ll find 30 Baroque sculptures of religious icons as you walk on it.

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Statues of religious icons lined along the bridge.

The views on both sides of the river will surely dazzle your tourist’s eye. 😉

Prague Castle Hostel Hotel
Prague Castle from the bridge.

Do you wanna hear an interesting myth about Charles Bridge?

Charles Bridge Skyline View
View from Charles Bridge

Legend has it that workers added raw eggs to strengthen the bridge’s foundation. Raw eggs, really?! I might believe it if they were hard-boiled eggs! 😀 😀 😀

Prague Castle
Prague Castle from Charles Bridge.

Both ends of the bridge have two standing towers that serve as gates. The Lesser Town Tower is on the western side, and the tall, Gothic Black Tower is on the eastern side.

Gothic Tower Prague
The Gothic Tower in Prague.

Come back in the evening, and experience the romance at Charles Bridge. 😉

Old Town Prague
Old Town Prague is on the other end of the bridge.

Hotel / Hostel in Prague

Look no further – stay at RoadHouse Prague, especially when you are staying for 2 days/1 night only. It’s in downtown Prague, and you can walk to the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. Famous landmarks like the St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, and Strahov Monastery Library are less than 2 kilometers on foot. You can book it via BookingHostelWorld, and Expedia.


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