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Biking The Golden Gate Bridge

The best way to conquer the Golden Gate Bridge and it’s surroundings is through riding a bike. Rent it—and start from the Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a long ride but the scenery along the way is worth hardening your muscles. As far as I could remember, there’s an uphill struggle twice:

Travelling with the Rainbow Wig

Last night, I was in a conversation with two other travelers and one popped the question: What is something that you can’t travel without? One answered her iPad, the other was her cellphone. Me? I can’t travel without my rainbow wig, a symbol of me being different. I sweat glitter,

Statue of Liberty in New York City

I can tell my future grand nieces and nephews that, “I was there!” The colossal Statue of Liberty in New York City is more magnificent to see with your naked eye than in postcards. Photoshopped photos wont do any justice. Let alone, the experience of a lifetime to stand right

New York Skyline from Staten Island

New York skyline from Staten Island is worth a visit for every tourist. The ferry ride itself from the Battery Park on the South end park of Manhattan is FREE. And I have to mention that the navy officers on aboard the ferry are hot eye candies. :)) Is that enough