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How to Spend a Weekend in San Jose

San Jose is a great place for a weekend getaway. As the center of Silicon Valley, the city is packed with surprises you’d never experience in other California cities. San Jose offers more than the prestige of Silicon Valley, though. It’s a cultural hub, too. If you go around the

New York City Travel Guide

This post is originally from IHG’s Guide to New York City. New York City is the most popular destination in the world, and for good reason. With first-class entertainment options, world-famous landmarks, buzzing street activity and nightlife, it is an epicenter of culture, diversity and excitement. Your choices are seemingly

Boutique Hotels in the US New York City

New York is where dreams are made of. It’s in everyone’s bucket list of places to go and it was in mine, too. When I finally reached there years ago, I had to ask a friend to pinch me to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I was overwhelmed with euphoria

Top Independent Hotels in the US Daytona Beach

For car racing enthusiasts, Daytona is synonymous to its internationally renowned Daytona 500 NASCAR race held annually in February. But more than that, this city by the Atlantic Ocean is a vacation paradise for beach lovers and sun chasers. And it’s not just a beach destination, it’s a kid-friendly city,

Top Boutique Hotels in the US Richmond

Richmond has been named the 3rd Best Place to Travel in 2016 by Travel + Leisure Magazine. There’s no surprise there, really. The city’s vibrant art scene, its emerging craft beer culture, history, architecture, entertainment, and love for anything outdoor are reasons why this eastern city beats others. Visiting Virginia’s

Millennials Share Their Tips for Working While Traveling the Globe

This post was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 11, 2016. When you’re still new to a career and trying to make a name for yourself on the job, it can be stressful to take vacation time. Heck, forget traveling for pleasure—even business travel can feel stressful. When you’re

Convenient Boutique Hotels in Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico, bills itself as the “Hot Air Ballooning Capital of the World.” With fantastic weather and clear skies most days of the year, no one would contest the epithet attached to it. You can conquer the skies here by riding the hot air balloon, helicopter or glider plane,

Where to Stay in San Diego

My best memory of San Diego is the breathtaking sunset at the beach while surfers were chasing the elusive big waves of the Pacific Ocean. This city has a lot of things to offer to both locals and visitors. Its Balboa Park is a historical gem covered in lush green

Boutique Hotels in the US San Jose

San Jose prides itself as the capital of Silicon Valley. For an outsider, the city’s rich Spanish cultural heritage is in contrast with the booming local high-tech industry that proliferates in the area. The blending of the old and new makes the city a more exciting place to visit for

Top Hotels in Charlotte, Greensboro and More Accepting of All Lifestyles

In recent years, hotels worldwide have committed themselves to equality for all. With an eye for pink dollars, many accommodations have declared themselves accepting of all lifestyles. North Carolina has recently come under fire for an exclusionary law that threatens residents’ and visitors’ lifestyle choices, but not all North Carolina

Boutique Hotels in Manhattan

What’s New York like without Manhattan? No one can imagine that, especially the locals. Manhattan isn’t just the most progressive borough in the city that never sleeps, but it is a world of its own. Name everything you want to see and do in NYC and you’ll most likely realize

So Many Cactuses at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

I have never seen so many cactuses in my life—until I visited the lovely Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. Boy, strolling and spending three hours around the garden wasn’t enough. There are so many kinds of cactus to see, of different shapes, variety, colours and spines! I didn’t even

Built Between Two Buttes – Chapel of the Holy Cross

Who would have ever thought of building a chapel between two buttes in Sedona’s red rock mountains? Well, apparently, one sculptor and rancher, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, was inspired and had the vision to put one up there. While the chapel looks so small (that’s why it’s called a chapel, right?),

Spiritual Vortex – Cathedral Rock in Sedona

Sedona is a paradise for those who love nature and hiking. The natural wonders of red rock formations abounding the city are so breathtaking that they distract your train of your thoughts. And yes, Sedona has a lot of hiking trails, too. Hiking around the Cathedral Rock is one of