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Bookaway Review: Ground And Sea Travel Made Easy

Traveling around the world has become a lot easier over the last few years. You can find flights through simple Google searches, use or Airbnb for accommodation, and swipe your debit or credit card for purchases in foreign currencies. But travel within foreign countries can be difficult. Finding the

Pack Cybersecurity on your Next Trip to France

Here’s something you probably didn’t know about traveling: many travelers fall victim to cybercrime when abroad and the number will only rise with time. Our devices contain extremely valuable data, from banking apps to sensitive documents, so no wonder cybercriminals are starting to pay attention.  Whether you’re visiting the famous sights

5 Essentials to Planning Your Trip in the United States

The United States has a wide array of terrain from flat to rugged and mountainous. With 50 states to choose from, you will always find at least one state that you want to visit. Planning, at least some part of your vacation, will allow you to have a more enjoyable

4 Essentials For A Great Walking Holiday

The freedom and flexibility of a walking holiday, as well as the chance to enjoy some of the most gorgeous scenery around (particularly when you pick a walking holiday in Scotland), is second to none. It’s no wonder that people choose this kind of holiday year after year, forgoing the

How To Stay Fit While Traveling

When you are traveling, staying fit is not always your first priority, but it should be. When you are physically fit, your energy and stamina will grow, and thus so will your overall quality of life while you are on your trip.  Still, staying active is not necessarily the easiest

Photography Tips for Your Next Trip to the Beach

There are a lot of great places to take some stunning pictures. With the right skills and attention to detail, any subject anywhere can create a memorable photo. However, taking photos on the beach guarantees that you’ll leave with gorgeous photos. From the second most popular area in Abu Dhabi,

Most Instagrammable Locations in the UK

The UK is packed with aesthetically-pleasing spots, from castles that overlook towns and cities to the gorgeous countryside that spans for miles ahead. When it comes to filling up the Instagram feed with stunning pictures, the UK has some of the most enticing locations, whether you live here or are

4 Reasons to Have an Outdoor Vacation

Choosing your next vacation is potentially a difficult thing to do. Unless you know exactly and instinctively what is going to make you happiest, and most relaxed (which is the point of a genuinely good vacation) then you could easily struggle because of all the many options available to you.

Top Budget Destinations Around the World

It is not too late to plan a holiday for this summer, although the cost is something that always has to be considered. There is no reason to despair though because there are plenty of fascinating destinations that you can get away to that will not set your budget back

5 Travel Tips for Nature Lovers

John Muir, the early conservationist who did so much to protect and preserve the wildernesses of America, once said: “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  A hundred years of technological progress later – it still feels true, for many of us. And, whether exploring a

3 Luxurious Locations in the USA

Luxury is never too far away when you go looking for it in the USA. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, relaxing beaches, luxury adventure, or something a little more unique, you’re going to be spoiled for choice.  In order to narrow it down, here are some of the more understated

The Best Countries To Visit For Travel Photography

Given the advancements in technology and low cost airfare, it’s never been a better time to travel to your dream destinations and capture the beauty of the world with your trusty camera. Believe it or not, most smartphones now boast cameras that could go head to head with high-quality photography equipment