Big Ben Night London 10

5 Must-See Landmarks in London

London is a cosmopolitan city that connects you to its past, present, and future. Look around, and you’ll find that

Floating Busker-3

Explain this to me: Floating Busker

Can someone explain this to me how a floating busker gets his ass up on the air? I was hypnotized

Venice Beach Iron Men Women 9

The Iron Men and Women of Venice Beach

Don’t get me started with Venice Beach. Ah, it’s one beach to go when you’re in Los Angeles. Though it’s

Jun Yu Chinatown San Francisco The Pursuit of Happyness 2

The Movie Star I Met in Chinatown

Jun Yu is the movie star I met in Chinatown San Francisco. When our group arrived at Ross Alley, he

Onion Guy 2

The Onion Guy

“Cebolla! Cebolla!”, so I heard the onion guy screaming loud enough to be heard by household residents. I paced faster to

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Geisha in Kyoto Japan 6

Portraits of a Geisha

Geishas are cultural icons in Japan. It’s an old-age tradition that’s diminishing nowadays as the country moves on to modern

Portraits from Jordan

Portraits from Jordan

One unknown writer said this: While I was in Jordan I made sure to ask the names of people I


Pow Wow in Toronto 2012 Photos

Pow Wow Wells Hill Park Toronto Whats a POW WOW? Its one of the oldest, important, colorful aboriginal ceremonies. Its a


Toronto Pow Wow 2012

At Wells High Park.  For more photos of the Pow Wow, see them here. Toronto Pow Wow


The Single Guy in New York

I found this guy outside the Metropolitan Museum. Both signs carry the same words. This single guy in New York