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Explain this to me: Floating Busker

Can someone explain this to me how a floating busker gets his ass up on the air? I was hypnotized and I wracked my brains out on how this thing happen. I’m sure this one doesn’t involve magic or hypnotic evil spells, right? I’m beginning to think that his shadow (looks

The Iron Men and Women of Venice Beach

Don’t get me started with Venice Beach. Ah, it’s one beach to go when you’re in Los Angeles. Though it’s a little more than an hour bus ride from downtown LA, you’ll be rewarded of something you won’t expect—but that’s another blog entry later. And one of those things you

The Movie Star I Met in Chinatown

Jun Yu is the movie star I met in Chinatown San Francisco. When our group arrived at Ross Alley, he waved his hand and told everyone that he is a movie star! He is the only celebrity I met in my two-week trip to California. 🙂 His claim to fame?

The Onion Guy

“Cebolla! Cebolla!”, so I heard the onion guy screaming loud enough to be heard by household residents. I paced faster to get closer to snap a photo of him which he happily obliged without any return. He asked me where I come from and in jest, he said, “Buy this to

Portraits of a Geisha

Geishas are cultural icons in Japan. It’s an old-age tradition that’s diminishing nowadays as the country moves on to modern times. You can see them in Tokyo but there are only a handful of them. In Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital, they can be seen in Gion, a district where most

Portraits from Jordan

One unknown writer said this: While I was in Jordan I made sure to ask the names of people I talked to or met in a fleeting moment—and asked if I could photograph them. Nobody said no. I reckon, all I have is my irresistible charm! As Lady Gaga said,

The Single Guy in New York

I found this guy outside the Metropolitan Museum. Both signs carry the same words. This single guy in New York is desperately looking for the woman of his dreams. If you are a millionaire woman, hurry up. Call him. Oh boy, sometimes, New York is weird. For New York Hostels,

The House of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, the Gothic American writer is not from New York but from Baltimore. However, he moved to NYC because he thought it was here that he could get his works published. While in this city, he moved from one place to another. I traced the first and the

The Broadway Girls

These Broadway Girls distribute discount fliers and brochures to tourists for Broadway shows. If you happen to be around, grab one of those and watch a show. It’s a must, really. A visit to New York, won’t be complete without watching one. Theaters on Broadway Avenue are everywhere. There are

New York City: Naked Cowgirl at Times Square

I saw the naked Cowgirl today at Times Square. But, I wished she were the Naked CowBoy! LOL… I was told that the Naked Cowboy comes in the morning… If only I have known earlier. 🙁 For New York Hostels, click HERE.  For New York cheap flights, click HERE.  SAVE up

New York City: The Pantless Commuter

I was people watching at 5th Avenue and 49the Street yesterday when this pantless commuter just zoomed by during rush hours. For a lot of tourists in the area, the world stopped for a while. Everything can happen in New York. For New York Hostels, click HERE.  For New York

A tribute to John Lennon

Long before New York became synonymous with Lady Gaga, it was, first and foremost, ultra synonymous with John Lennon. Long before Lady Gaga made “paws up” a fad, John Lennon made the peace sign cool. And his song imagine became a song for peaceful protests. On the West side of