North America

Alain.Ecatepec MexiCable Sta Clara Mexico City 6

A MexiCable Ride Through Ecatepec and Its Colourful Houses

A Mexicable ride through Ecatepec and its colorful houses on the hills was an experience to remember. It was also

Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico City Mayan 3

The Massive Teotihuacan Pyramids Outside Mexico City

The massive Teotihuacan Pyramids lies 40 kilometers outside Mexico City. Two of its biggest pyramids here are the Pyramid of

Christmas in Guadalajara Mexico 6

Christmas in Guadalajara – A City With a Small-Town Vibe

Christmas in Guadalajara is full of bright lights, decors, and people just hanging out at the public square or park.

Monument Valley Arizona 13

Time Stands Still at Monument Valley

Our tour guide slash van driver, J.R., picked me up at the Grand Canyon International Hostel in Flagstaff at 7:15