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Marrakech Medina is an Assault to the Senses

Marrakech medina is an assault to the senses. The souk is a visual feast of colours – from clothes to shoes to spices and jewelries. Yes, it’s a shopping paradise for those who love colours, moorish designs and fashion. The best thing about this souk is that the vendors are

Majorelle Garden in Marrakech – Here Lies Yves St Laurent

At Majorelle Garden in Marrakech (Morocco), the legendary French fashion designer, Yves St Laurent rests peacefully – among bamboos, cacti and other exotic plants. “The Blue House” or “The Blue Mansion”, as the locals call it, is an amazing oasis of tropical plants, a fountain and a lily pond. Majorelle

Koutoubia Mosque – The Largest Mosque in Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakech, Morocco. It is also taller than the palm tress that surrounds it. It’s in the heart of Marrakech. You can’t miss it, especially when you’re in Djemaa El-Fna. The minaret is 77 meters high – and five times a day, a muezzin beckons

The Atlas Film Studio Museum in Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate is the door to the Sahara, the world’s longest desert. And believe it or not, the desert here is backdropped by snow-capped Atlas Mountains – even in summer. It’s only here where you can see that extreme scenery of nature, totally different from each other but they blend well

Ait Benhaddou – Morocco’s Most Famous Movie Location

There’s no doubt that Ait Benhaddou is Morocco’s most famous movie location. This is a kasbah – a dwelling characterized with high walls and are connected to one another. The alleys are small and towering mud bricks are elaborately decorated. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its great example of

Review – Rainbow Hostel Marrakech

Rainbow Hostel Marrakech is filled with bold colours from the floor to the wall and to the ceiling. The sofas, tables, linens and bathroom tiles are splattered with mixed, interesting designs and hues. Rainbow Hostel Marrakech Location The taxi from the train station to Place Djaama El Efna only cost

The Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Jemaa el-Fna

When in Marrakech, the first thing you should do is experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Jemaa el-fna. It is a huge public and market square in the centre of the old medina and at first glance there’s really nothing much to see but people. But, wait until it

The Snake Charmers of Marrakesh

You can spot the snake charmers of Marrakesh at Place de Jemaa El-Efna. There are many of them there, enchanting tourists to take a look at what their poisonous snakes can do. Be discreet in taking photos if you don’t want to give them a tip. Once they see your

Hassan II Mosque by Night

The Hassan II Mosque by night looks like it is surrounded by glowing embers of shining gold. It looks more tantalizing to our sense of sight than it is during the day. The pulsating rhythm of the rising tides that smash the seawall blends well with the call of prayer

Review – Hotel Azur Casablanca

Here’s my review of Hotel Azur Casablanca. I only stayed there for a night, my first stop on Morocco trip. When booking a room here, ask for an ocean view. I love the chilly sea breeze in the morning. Hotel Azur Casablanca Location If you take the train from the

Sunset in Casablanca

Sunset in Casablanca is breathtakingly gorgeous. In the afternoon, a lot of people gather at the seawall that leads to Hassan II Mosque to do two things: go fishing and watch the sunset. On the other hand, many shirtless youngsters are braving the waves that pummel the mosque’s archways. Outside

Hassan II Mosque is Casablanca’s Famous Landmark

My early flight from Dubai was on time but the connecting flight in Cairo to Casablanca was delayed for an hour – because it’s EgyptAir. From Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca, it was very easy to find the train that goes to downtown which lasted for 40 minutes up to