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Inside the National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg

Unlike other national museums in Europe, the National Museum of History and Art in Luxembourg (MHNA) is small. It does, however, contain impressive fine arts of its own. Who would have ever known that Victor Hugo was a sketch artist? I didn’t – until I saw one of his sketches

Ancient Meets Modern at Luxembourg City Museum

Starting from it’s all-glass facade, visitors would already know that ancient meets modern at Luxembourg City Museum. But, wait until you see its interior. The city’s old ramparts blend well with the modern designs, giving visitors a kind of feeling to be at present while exploring the past. The artifacts

The Grund is a Charming Part of Luxembourg

The Grund is a charming part of Luxembourg City. According to census, there are less than 800 people living here and only 33% are Luxembourgers. The only thing I know before I came here was that Luxembourg is a haven for the ultra rich. So, maybe, some of them live

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg

When you’re in Europe, you’ll find that there are many cathedrals named as Notre Dame. The photos below are what you inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg. There’s nothing special here, compared to other cathedrals and basilicas across the continent. Its architecture can be described as late Gothic and

Things to do in Luxembourg for One Day

Yes, it’s possible to visit Luxembourg for one day. The city is just too small that you don’t even have to stay there for a night. I’ve seen and did all the things I wanted to do in less than 6 hours. I could have taken a train to Brussels