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The Delightful Hampton Court Palace Gardens

The delightful Hampton Court Palace gardens are a must-see to explore. Maybe, these photos are already familiar to you. You have seen these gardens if you are a fan of Bridgerton, a Shonda Rimes Netflix TV series production. This place is huge and it might take a day to wander

Visiting Buckingham Palace Without the Queen

The Queen was nowhere when I visited her residence, The Buckingham Palace in London. It’s either she was busy or just didn’t want to meet a fellow queen – that’s me. Or probably she was babysitting the adorable Prince George playing with her adorable corgis. But, whatever her reasons are,

Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

A friend and I were lucky that we arrived just in time for the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We really didn’t plan to watch one but I guess, it was our lucky day. The sky was blue, too! And as expected, there were flocks of tourists at

Take a Peek: The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London is a truly a national treasure. It is the last surviving fragment that carries an inscription in different languages. The slab fragment below records a decree way back on March 27, 196 B.C. The stone was believed to have been installed

10 Things to See at the British Museum

The British Museum is huge. It can be overwhelming for tourists who have no idea on what to see and where to start. With 8 million objects as collections, you can’t see them all in a day. But if you could, you’d be extremely exhausted at the end of your

Photos: London’s Big Ben at Night Shines Bright

We all have seen the Big Ben immortalized in Hollywood movies. Or in postcards and other souvenirs. In fact, Big Ben is synonymous to London or England or the UK. Every tourist in London never misses it because it’s what everyone will ask when he goes back home. People will

Watch: London in Under Two Minutes

I was in London for 6 days to do some sightseeing and see some old friends. I haven’t been able to post a blog entry on my London trip so, here’s a video of London in under two minutes. I have so many good photos and stores to tell about