Hanging Church Coptic Cairo Egypt 2

The Hanging Church in Cairo – Virgin Mary Appeared Here

You might have heard of the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” but you’ve never heard of the Hanging Church in Cairo.

Citadel of Qaitbay Alexandria Egypt 14

Citadel of Qaitbay – A Mediterranean Fort With A View

Do you know that the Citadel of Qaitbay stands on the site where the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria once was?

Alexandria Library Egypt 9

The Modern Library of Alexandria

The modern Library of Alexandria doesn’t really live up to its prestige in ancient times – when it comes to

Roman Ampitheater Alexandria 7

The Roman Amphitheater After the Upgrade

It’s no surprise if there’s a Roman amphitheater in the middle of Alexandria. It’s a city which was conquered, ruled

Alexandria National Museum Egypt 19

Alexandria National Museum Was a Disappointment

Alexandria is an ancient city and as any tourist would expect, its National Museum should be filled with great things.

Saqqara Pyramids Cairo Egypt 14

Saqqara Pyramids in the City of the Dead

The Saqqara Pyramids in the City of the Dead are the burial grounds of Memphis, Egypt’s ancient capital. This place

Cave ChuCave Church in Cairo (aka Church of Saint Simon the Tanner).rch of St Simeon the Tanner Cairo Egypt 6

This Cave Church in Cairo Can Sit 20,000 People And Was Built by the Garbage Collectors

Yes, this Cave Church in Cairo can sit 20,000 people! And the garbage collectors built it! In Cairo, the Zabbaleen

Pompey’s Pillar Alexandria Egypt 9

Pompey’s Pillar – An Open Museum in Alexandria

Pompey’s Pillar is an open museum in Alexandria. This pillar wasn’t really built for Pompey, a Roman politician and military

Church of St George Coptic Cairo 11

Inside the Church of St George in Cairo

The Church of St George in Cairo is built above an old Roman Tower. Thus, visitors have to climb a

Alexandria City Egypt 5

Murals in Alexandria

I was walking around for two hours until I saw these murals in Alexandria. It’s one of those moments when