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Things to do in Bogota

Bogota, the vibrant and lively capital of Colombia, offers a wealth of exciting things to do and see for visitors who are only in the city for a day. From its rich cultural heritage and vibrant nightlife to its breathtaking natural beauty and bustling street markets, there is something for

The Gold Museum in Bogota Will Take You to a Whole New World

The Gold Museum in Bogota will take you to a new world you’ve never been to or heard of before. It’s simply dazzling and shimmering with everything gold you dreamed of having in your closet. Bogota’s Gold Museum is a must-see for anyone keen on history, culture, and of course,

Botero Museum in Bogota is a Must-See Destination

The Botero Museum in Bogota is a must-see destination that will blow your mind away. It’s not your regular museum infested with European paintings but with the works of Colombia’s living artist – Fernando Botero. Even if you’ve never heard of his name, you have seen some of his works.

Justin Beiber and the Graffiti Revolution in Bogota

Justin Beiber and the graffiti revolution in Bogota scandal is hard to believe for some unsuspecting tourists. Riding a taxi from the airport to downtown Candelaria, one thing is ubiquitous: graffiti. And from what I saw, many are murals, too. In many countries, people consider graffiti as a public sore

Visiting Monserrate in Bogota

Visiting Monserrate in Bogota was the first on our itinerary when we happened to have a 16-hour layover in Colombia. We left the airport at 7:30 in the morning, and our tour guide was already waiting for us at the gate, and he whisked us off immediately to our first