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2009 Great Wall Beach Party

Its my fourth time in a row. The first Great Wall Party was in Jinshanling Great Wall. We were literally dancing on the steps of the newly-renovated Great Wall back in 2005! YEN, the ultimate party master, organized the event. And they called it: YEN ON THE WALL! We’ll take

Beijing City Bus Tour

Yesterday was a beautiful day! There were immaculate clouds decorating the blue sky. It was an exact opposite of the thunderous and rainy weather a day before that. And what a better way to explore Beijing by using up the City Bus Tour tickets we won from the Beijing Pub Quiz last Sunday at The Tun Bar!

View from Jingshan Park

Last weekend, I brought a dear friend to the hills of Jingshan Park. He asked me where to see sunset in Beijing and I couldn’t think of any but Jingshan Park, at the back of the Forbidden City or Gugong. And we were never disappointed. It was a beautiful day.

Yungang Caves in Datong

I woke up at 6 in the morning and took a shower in an undescribable bathroom of our shabby hotel in Datong. Then, I woke up everybody by knocking their doors loud. Yeah, someone guessed that I would wake them up so there’s no need for them to set the alarm

Pingyao at Night

Pingyao at night should be appreciated just as you appreciate the city by day. You can’t wholly appreciate a place until you see it at night time. There’s something mysterious about darkness that transforms the place and—even people. Darkness seems to bring out the best and worst of places and

Pingyao in the Afternoon

Pingyao in the morning is as magnificent as Pingyao in the afternoon. Every minute strolling around is a photographic feast–even if the sky was a bit grey. If Pingyao were human, he’d be very photogenic–like me. LOL… How to get there: If you are coming from Beijing, take an overnight

Pingyao: An Ancient City in China

Pingyao is a small ancient city within the wall. Going around its narrow streets gives one a feeling of it’s ancientness and wonder at the genius of Chinese architecture. While walking, I wondered if one of my very great, great, great, great, great, great, etc… ancestors have ever been here

Ming Tombs – Where Emperors Are Buried

A couple of days ago, I acted as a tourist guide to a gay couple who contacted me via this blog. They asked me for recommendations on what to do and see while they’re here in Beijing for a week. I sent them a list of recommendations and even directions

Huanghuacheng Great Wall of China

The hikers arrived on time at the rendezvous in Jishuitan KFC. As soon as everyone had their breakfast and had answered the morning “call of nature”, everybody was set to go. Davis, the tour organizer, briefed us about the itinerary of the day while the bus was snaking through the weekend

That’s Shanghai Magazine Couchsurfing Article

Looka, looka, looka! Last week, while I was attending a birthday dinner when a friend, Rocio, broke the news about me appearing on That’s Shanghai Magazine, March 2009 Issue. She described where she saw it and was pretty sure that it was me right there on the magazine’s Table of Contents page! With

Beijing Hutong: Qianmen

Nowadays, Beijing Hutong doesn’t exactly resemble as they were in the past, but, one could still find ancient architecture, woods, doors, posts, etc… that stood the weather and time. HUTONGS are ancient, traditional Chinese streets / villages / communities which, amazingly, still exist in Beijing despite the rapid development and construction here and there. On

The Long Corridor at Beihai Park

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Beihai Park to meet someone. He was caught in a rush hour in the afternoon so he was late for 30 minutes. I usually don’t wait this long but I saw the opportunity of camwhoring while waiting for him. Affordable, Stunning and Awesome Asia! And

Grasslands in Inner Mongolia

A visit to the grasslands in Inner Mongolia is a must when you’re in the region. So, on our third and last day in Hohot, the capital city, we were excited to see real Mongolian yurts and feast on Mongolian food like no other. For three hours, our car went up

The Hanging Monastery in Datong

Right after spending two hours at Yunggang Cave, our group headed off to the next destination: The Hanging Monastery which is about two hours travel by the CITS mini-bus. We left at 11:30 a.m. with our stomach asking, “When and where are we gonna eat?” But before the question was

Yungang Grottoes in Datong

Right after we exited the train station in Datong at 6:30 a.m., my student, Michael, and I looked for the CITS Travel Agency Office so we could book the two trips / destinations we wanna go and see: the Yungang Grottoes and the Hanging Monasteries. The two are the must-see

The Ancient Village of Cuandixia

Cuandixia is an ancient village that time forgot. Bored for making myself a prisoner this week due to my dry cough, I set out on a day trip outside Beijing. Together with a bicultural gay male couple, we hired a taxi from Pingguoyuan subway to the ancient village of Cuandixia.