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Quebec City – Montmorency Falls

When visiting Montmorency Falls, a few minutes ride by bus from Quebec City, anyone will always be reminded that this Falls is nearly 100 feet higher than Niagara Falls in southern Ontario. Every brochure, every tourist guide, every Quebecois would say that with pride. “It is a splendid introduction to

Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle is a heart-shaped island in the US side of The Thousand Islands. Its not your regular castle where a King and Queen used to live. Theres no such thing like that. Behind and within that imposing royal structure is a love story of a rich man who built

The Thousand Islands Tour

I have always wanted to go there. Was supposed to go there last year but for some reason I couldnt remember, it never happened. Two weekends ago, my biatches and I planned to go there by renting a car. Because they are biatches, so, it never happened. But, I was

Sandbanks Beach

You all know that Im a camwhore. I pose every photo opportunity I could find. Im a sunset slut, too—if you dont notice. I guess, my love for setting ball of fire is a clue to my romantic side, eh? No, I wasnt totally nude here. But the photographer was.

Parliament Hill Centre Block

Parliament Hill Centre Block Ottawa, Canada The Parliament Hill in Ottawa is home to Canada’s Senate where legislations are scrutinized, debated and approved. The exterior and interior designs are architectural marvels of Gothic perfection: countless arches, buttresses, and pointed spires are ubiquitous all over the building. Unlike other government buildings around the world,

Montreal – The City Where The Sun Rises in The South

Another thing unique to Montreal is how the city follows directions. As far as Montrealers are concern, the riverside is South (which is actually East–if you look at the map) where the sun rises. For a tourist who has no sense of direction, this is just perfect. All you have

Montreal: Notre-Dame Basilica

Montreal is very Catholic. Notre-Dame Basilica is a perfect example of Gothic architecture. I don’t want to bore you with its history but I’ll tell you a fact about this Church: this is where Celine Dion and her manager turned husband got married sometime ago. And oh, Luciano Pavarotti sang

Old Montreal in Winter

Old Montreal is a street where French and British architecture merge in harmony to one another.The streets are made of cobblestones and the facades are as sturdy as the might of French and British powers in one.

Montreal: The Volcano Crater

Do you know that Montreal got its name from a mountain they call, Mount Royal (Mont-Real)? Do you that in this mountain lies a volcano? This makes the city as the only city in the world that is built around a volcano. Really! But, don’t be scared. That volcano is

Montreal Panorama

A walk or trip uphill to Mount Royal will reward the visitor a sweeping and breathtaking panorama of the city. The white dome you see is the Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium). Montreal is the ONLY city in Canada that hosted the Summer Olympic Games, circa 1976. Montreal in winter time.

Niagara Falls at Night

The mighty Niagara Falls during the day is a sight to behold to every tourist who would surely leave the place with a great impression of Canadas most-visited natural wonder. At night, the falls is not just a raging water but a romantic destination for everyone—including couples of honeymooners who

Hamilton Albion Falls

There are over a hundred waterfalls in Hamilton, a city that claims as the Waterfalls Capital of the World. That, of course, could be true or could be an exaggeration. The BIG problem about locating these waterfalls is that the city itself just doesn’t care about tourists who would go

Martyrs’ Shrine

An hour and a half drive from Toronto, lies a beautifully preserved, Gothic-styled Martyrs’ Shrine. According to David, the one who generously offered his time to bring us there, the Shrine was dedicated in honor for those early religious workers in Canada who first settled in Midland. These people were