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Toronto Buskerfest 2013 – Reasons Why You Should Join The Fun

Downtown Toronto, on Yonge Street (between College and Queen Streets) is closed for Canada’s most family-friendly summer festival, the Toronto Buskerfest 2013–a gathering of all things buskers/busking–in support of Epilepsy Toronto. A total of 56 buskers from around the world congregate to give Torontonians a kind of summer entertainment that

Old School Restaurant – Where Queen Elizabeth Dined

At the Old School Restaurant in Brantford, there stands an old chair where the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, sat on June 28, 1997 when she came for a visit and dined here with her royal entourage. Three Sundays ago, before we headed off to Hamilton’s Sunflower Farm, we stopped

Pelee Island – Where Canada Begins

Pelee Island is a secret destination waiting to be explored, discovered and conquered by those who love country life, wineries, island / beach life, nature and biking. The southernmost part of the island is where Canada begins. Literally, it’s the very southernmost part of the Great White North. Thus, Pelee

Hiram Walker and Sons – Canadian Club Whisky Tour

In this Canadian Club Whisky Tour (Hiram Walker and Sons), I learned that Canada is South of the Border. We are so used to believe that the US is South of Canada but, definitely not in Windsor. Our tour guide said that this is due to the shape of Detroit

Windsor and Detroit – A Tale of Two Cities

In a short visit, I have no tales to tell about these cities. But I have some photos to show. I’ve been to Windsor but I’ve never been to the city across it, Detroit, a US city known in its heydays as an industrial city that once synonymous to automobiles.

Hockey Hall of Fame

I’ve been living in Toronto for three years now but I never had a chance to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. Well, I’m not a hockey fan, that’s why. But every late Spring, my facebook status is filled with hockey updates from friends and conversations with my Irish roommate

Beaches in Toronto – Bask in the sun and sand and get a tan!

It’s officially not summer in Toronto yet, but the rising temperature is already upon us. Sweaty foreheads and body parts/pits are starting to smell. It’s my pet peeve I can’t hide my disgust on my face. Yuck! There’s only one thing you should do to cool yourself down before exploding

Maple Syrup Sugar Bush Tour

At the Maple Syrup Festival yesterday at Elmira, my friends and I joined the Maple Syrup Sugar Bush Tour just outside the township. It cost us $5.50 each which included transportation to and from the sugar bush. The weather was already a bit windy when we decided to go and

The Taste of Maple Syrup Festival in Elmira

Canada is synonymous to maple syrup. No wonder, its flag bears a maple leaf on it. For 49 years, a little town in Waterloo, called Elmira, has been hosting the Maple Syrup Festival which the Guinness Book of Records recognized as the World’s Largest Single Day Maple Syrup Festival! An

Things To Do in Toronto for Budget Travellers

Toronto is a fantastic city to visit for families and for budget travellers alike. It might seem that the major attractions in Toronto are expensive and out of reach for those on a tight budget, but you can still enjoy this world class city. In fact, check out these attractions

Dance The Winter Away at IglooFest in Montreal

It’ was damn cold in Montreal last weekend. Freezing, actually. After the tempestuous snowstorm last Friday, it’s no good to be depressed by and wallowed in it. Plowing your snow-covered backyard would be a good thing to do but dancing the winter away at Igloofest was the best thing you

Snow Village in Montreal a.k.a. Village des Neiges

Despite the fury of the snow storm last Friday, I was actually thankful that megabus didn’t cancel any trips for Montreal. Though the snow fall already stopped ¬†around 9 p.m. and the city was literally buried in snow and transportation services were all delayed. But the good news was: commuters

Winter Wonderland in Blue Mountain

My first sojourn in 2013 is exploring the freezing Blue Mountain for a day. Well, only four hours, to be exact. The bus was late for 30 minutes and the driver wasn’t even apologetic. There was no apology issued or even an announcement from the customer service that our bus

The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

Who would ever have thought that Marilyn Monroe would be immortalized as a curvy piece of architecture wrapped in steel and glass? Not just one but two. In Missasauga. Where? In Missasauga! Where is that? Well, it’s in Ontario Province. In Canada? Oh, I see. These twin Absolute Towers (as

Old Montreal

A visit to Montreal wont ever be complete without walking on the cobblestoned streets of Old Montreal where the first arrivals of the city settled, minutes walk from the St. Lawrence River where a port was established and is still serving the locals and tourists. In summer, the port and